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Monday, August 6, 2012

hide and seek....

Every morning while Ty and Hanna have their breakfast and watch a TV show I take a shower and get ready for the's my only chance for the day...but while I am in my room I go and check on them frequently to make sure they are ok..and not up to any trouble. Well, this morning, I went to check on them and they were great....went back to continue...came back again and only saw Ty. I asked Ty, "where is Hanna" his reply, " I don't know." So, I went on a search for her..not in the kitchen or the dining room...went to her bedroom..not in there...went into hers and Ty's bathroom and into Ty's room...she wasn't in any of those places. My heart has begun to race and although I am trying to remain calm I am starting to freak out a little...I call her name, continue into the laundry room and still no sign of her...I go into the guest bed and bath and still nothing. I thought, ok...where in the world is she...I had bypassed the stairs earlier bc I way is she up there...but after I ruled out all my other locations I only had one more room to look...I looked up the staircase and didn't see I high-tailed it up the stairs into the upstairs room and who did I spy with my own eyes.....HANNA! My 9 month old climbed up the WHOLE staircase (16 steps to be exact) and was just playing upstairs! When I saw her I said, "Hanna James" and she looked up at me and got this big pouty face and started she knew she was in trouble...haha. Sweet girl! SO....the baby gate that has been in our attic since we moved in is getting out of the box and installed today! I am just SOOO grateful that she did not have a spill..oh my! my heart still rushes just thinking about it. ahhhhh!  

The Steps she went up...

We got back late saturday night from our Austin Shopping trip...2 1/2 days and 4 kids wasn't the easiest thing..but we all survived....we are all exhausted but we made it. 
next year we have decided to change our's just way too hard.  :) 

While on our trip here are some things people told us...keep in mind..4 kids under the age of 3. 

On mom, and the kids all drove to the lake to break up the we stopped at the DQ in Sterling City for dinner..and while we were there we got crazy looks...I am use to that bc it always happens when I have them all...and finally a man, with a puzzled face asked me..."are they twins?" referring to Sophi and Hanna...umm.. have you seen the 2..they look nothing alike and Sophi has a good 10-15 lbs on hanna.. I said, "no, they are cousins." My mom chimed in and said, "these 2 are hers and these 2 are her sisters and I am the grandmother." no kidding..the whole place said, "oh." lol.

one morning at breakfast (at the hotel) my sister had sat with all the kids while I got the first round and then we switched. So, while I was there by myself with all 4 kids a very nice lady came up and was very complimentary of our kids and their table manners and how well they were behaving...THANK YOU she interacted with the kids she learned their ages and I explained the relationship...and she continued on her way. many crazy looks later another lady came up to me and said, "you just need to get a sign on your back that says...they aren't all mine." LOL...soooo true. 
When I tell travis about the looks every time I have them all he doesn't understand why people care...and I don't either but I guess when women see a mom with a bunch of kids they think you are crazy...and I would too! haha...but, that's their decision and what blessings they are! yes, I have my handful but what fun they we have together.  :)

Once while in the gap...the girls feel asleep and so my sister stayed in the car while me, mom and the boys went in..the boys were not wanting to stay by my mom said, "boys, do you need to go sit in the car?" Clearly we knew my sister was in the car with the AC ON!!! a sales lady...(reminder we are in the Arboretum area of Austin) chimes in...."it's way to hot to sit in the car." No kidding you really think we would make our kids sit in the scorching heat...NO! I said, "oh, my sister is in the car with 2 sleeping girls with the AC on...we aren't that me." ha! gee whiz! but, I guess you can't blame her eaves dropping/naiveness...unfortunately, there are too many stories of kids being left in the car with a terrible outcome...but rest assured we would NEVER leave our kids in the car. :)

On a lighter note...

Hanna helping me unload our suitcases..but looks to me like she wants to go on another trip...not now baby girl...i am so glad we are home...for now! Next trip comes when baby Addison is born..due date Aug 31st...but we are awaiting the call...

My parents have a place at Lake Ivie..right outside ballinger or for a bigger town..San Angelo...We haven't been to the lake all summer....and you ask why....bc it has no is a super sad view...
Everything that is green use to be underwater...the only thing left is the river channel. :( WE Need RAIN desperately...everywhere.
 most boat ramps are closed but one remains open with a sign that says, "Shallow, Boat at your own risk."

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