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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Texas Tech Piñata...

How to Make a Texas Tech Piñata...

Like I mentioned in my previous post...our friends had a gender reveal party and when she called to tell
A) she was pregnant..yay! and B) that she was planning a reveal party...I was very excited. She was throwing ideas out and mentioned the traditional cut into the cake day a thought came to my little mind and I fun would it be if they busted a Texas Tech piñata to find out what their little bundle is. Why? you might ask..because they are huge red raider fans and they were serving i put them together and it's like a gender fiesta. I called her to share the idea and she loved then she asked..where do you get a tech piñata. Well, naturally, I hadn't got that far..haha...I just had the idea. like many of my thoughts..they are great ideas but hard to make happen...haha. SO, we googled Tech Pinatas and they were like $80...which I thought was ridiculous. So...I took it upon myself to make it! 
One weekend while my MIL was in town and the kids were down for their nap she helped me get started...

I used all materials I had at the house...
I drew a template of a double T onto a cardboard box, used a box cutter and cut it out..then used that template to trace on the other side of the box..

Once the two sides were cut I had some leftover sytrophome from my sewing machine box (I knew that would come in handy one day)...and Travis cut them into little squares to give the Double T the 3D affect...and to make tube down the middle so the stuffing would get into the hang-downs (haha) of the T's..
 Then with the all time tape...I taped those bad boys onto the cardboard.
 And again with the duck tape...taped the sides together...and there is the piñata! :)
 Next the fun, messy and time consuming part..paper macheing...I took our sunday paper and ripped it into 1"-2" strips and mixed a batch of flour and water to a brownie batter type consistency..well, maybe a little thinner...and went at it. I did 3 layers of paper mache. You have to wait for the layer to dry before adding another one..hence the time consuming, I did everything during nap time so once I got one layer completed a kid would wake it took me 3 days for this...
I started with it standing upright but it would get too heavy and start I had to lay it down on bricks to prevent bowing from happening...another reason it took a little longer...because you could only do one side at a time.
 Finally, after 3 layers it was done! 
 Now for the tissue paper....Kass wanted it to be in pink and blue to coordinate with the other I bought 5 packages of each pink and blue...but only ended up using 1 package of each...
I fan folded the tissue paper into 1" strips and then cut them. Then made little cuts along one side (being careful not to cute too high..i made them about 3/4 of the way up)
 I first started applying the tissue paper with masking tape...but that was taking forever. Double Sided stick tape would have been Ideal but I didn't have any of that...and reminder..I did this during nap time..and I wasn't about to wake them up for a quick used my photo spray glue..and it worked like a charm. So much faster and easier. it might make your fingers stick to any and everything but hey, it was faster and I was all about that...
 My little assistant.

 Finally I had it all completed. 
 I cut out a piece at the bottom, the same width as the T base in order for it to be stuffed...and all they would have to do is tape it back...A friend did the stuffing who wasn't going to be able to make it..b/c the parents-to-be didn't know either.
 I Cut out a hole on each side to feed rope through....and WA-LA...
A Texas Tech Piñata...for about $18. :)
It was either going to be stuffed with footballs (boy) or pom-pons (girl)...and little footballs came out....everybody was so excited.
A future Red Raider is on his way! 

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