Rollin' with the Roby's

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Last night after eating, baths and Jammie's we all went upstairs to hangout. When bedtime rolled around I went and put Ty and Hanna in their beds..did Ty's nighttime ritual of: potty, read several books (delays going to bed), prayer and I shut the door. I Went to my room to get the monitor and then Headed back upstairs. I had the video on Hanna's room since she usually cries for a few minutes before going to sleep. If Ty doesn't fall right to sleep we know bc he comes out of his room..usually bc he claims he has to "tee-tee." but, I never heard anything out of him so I assumed he was good in his room. Well..2 hours later when Trav and I were on our way to bed I clicked the video monitor over to Ty's room to check on him. I saw all his decorative pillows on his bed..which were on the floor when putting him into, I figured He was underneath them and I went to check on him and take the pillows off him. I took the first layer off and I didn't see him. I turned the hall light on to see better, pulled off another pillow and saw an outline of a little, I went and turned the closet light on..trying to refrain from turning his bedroom light on so I wouldn't wake him up...went to pull the sheet down and what did I find...donald duck ( he, Mickey and goofy sleep with him every night). I thought..where is Ty. He wasn't on the floor..where he sometimes is. before I got concerned I had a spot in mind I thought he might be. I went to our room and what did I spy in our bed...Ty! He had taken all our pillows off and put them on the floor and was laying across the bed sound asleep. Oh Ty. We just put him in the middle of the bed and once I got into bed he just sucked to me like a magnet. Ty always comes into our room in the middle of the night and climbs into bed with us and he always lays/cuddles with me. Although I love cuddling with my little boy I really want to break this habit he started a few months ago.
Travis and I just laughed though bc we thought it was pretty smooth. A Farris bueller in training. Oh dear! Haha.

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