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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Best friends...

Although my sister and I did not plan on having kids close together (and in the same sex order) I am so glad it worked out that way. They are such great friends and constantly call each other best friends..we'll Brady and Ty,,sophi and Hanna probably say it i just don't understand them! Ha!
Brady and Sophi have been with us since Sunday..and we just have a great time together. They play, go to the swimming pool and park, have little tiff's for wanting the same toy, fight, love on each other...the list could go on and on. It's really funny to hear Brady and Ty's conversations..they are so random and usually mimic what their mommy's tell them.
I.e. on the way to the pool..(I let them both sit in the front seat since its just down the road)...
Ty: "Brady I hold on to your shirt"
Brady: "yes, that way we are safe"
They have funnier conversations I just can't think right now..ha!
They call sophi "chunky monkey"
They have become VERY loud and constantly get in trouble for yelling but sometimes I just sit back and listen bc they crack up laughing at absolutely nothing! It might give one a headache but it's a wonderful sound to hear their sweet laughs!
Sophi tries to keep up with the boys and Hanna tries to keep up with we are go, go, go and on world record pace!
We leave today to head to Austin where we'll meet up with my sister, who has been in San Antonio with my brother in law and we girls and all the babies are staying to shop for the rest of the week!
Wish us luck!! Ha!

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