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Thursday, August 23, 2012

2 Little Monkeys...

So, lately Hanna has been acting like her hair...and standing straight up. ha. She is our little climber and wiggle worm. 
And Ty's Grandpa and Mom-Mom bought the grandkids a playhouse and Ty won't stop talking about it...."grandpa's playhouse." Ty cracks me up bc when they had it set up we went over there (right before bedtime and they were all ready in their jammies) to show Ty...he climb up to the house part and starts decorating..."we can put a tv here...a picture here..some-fing (something) over here...right mommy." lol...oh dear. he gets the little broom and sweeps it out..he keeps it very tidy and clean...even put a couple of chairs up there. as ty says, "It's just perfect." The grandkids are going to love playing on it! He also made me dessert on the picnic table underneath the house..he got a baseball bat and used it as a rolling pin...although I was a)proud of his baking skills and b)proud of his imagination...travis didn't find it quite as humorous...hahaha....but, i have to remind him...Ty loves all sports, hunting, fishing, dinosaurs, dirt and he's all boy! haha.

p.s... I realize it seems my kids are always in their diapers or undies and they really aren't...ha..not sure what that's about. I guess after so many outfit changes a day I just give up! haha.

Clearly...the seatbelt did not work for Hanna. 

such a fun playhouse.

 Hanna climbed up the plank (with me behind her) she wanted to be in the house too..
 Hanna's next challenge...
 The kids new hiding spot..
 What else do you use a toolbox for?

her newest trick...climbing onto the picnic table...I was playing in a "golf tournament" with ty and I turned back to check on Hanna and this is where I found her. (just in a matter of seconds) ahhh...

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