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Thursday, August 23, 2012

2 Little Monkeys...

So, lately Hanna has been acting like her hair...and standing straight up. ha. She is our little climber and wiggle worm. 
And Ty's Grandpa and Mom-Mom bought the grandkids a playhouse and Ty won't stop talking about it...."grandpa's playhouse." Ty cracks me up bc when they had it set up we went over there (right before bedtime and they were all ready in their jammies) to show Ty...he climb up to the house part and starts decorating..."we can put a tv here...a picture here..some-fing (something) over here...right mommy." lol...oh dear. he gets the little broom and sweeps it out..he keeps it very tidy and clean...even put a couple of chairs up there. as ty says, "It's just perfect." The grandkids are going to love playing on it! He also made me dessert on the picnic table underneath the house..he got a baseball bat and used it as a rolling pin...although I was a)proud of his baking skills and b)proud of his imagination...travis didn't find it quite as humorous...hahaha....but, i have to remind him...Ty loves all sports, hunting, fishing, dinosaurs, dirt and he's all boy! haha.

p.s... I realize it seems my kids are always in their diapers or undies and they really aren't...ha..not sure what that's about. I guess after so many outfit changes a day I just give up! haha.

Clearly...the seatbelt did not work for Hanna. 

such a fun playhouse.

 Hanna climbed up the plank (with me behind her) she wanted to be in the house too..
 Hanna's next challenge...
 The kids new hiding spot..
 What else do you use a toolbox for?

her newest trick...climbing onto the picnic table...I was playing in a "golf tournament" with ty and I turned back to check on Hanna and this is where I found her. (just in a matter of seconds) ahhh...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Texas Tech Piñata...

How to Make a Texas Tech Piñata...

Like I mentioned in my previous post...our friends had a gender reveal party and when she called to tell
A) she was pregnant..yay! and B) that she was planning a reveal party...I was very excited. She was throwing ideas out and mentioned the traditional cut into the cake day a thought came to my little mind and I fun would it be if they busted a Texas Tech piñata to find out what their little bundle is. Why? you might ask..because they are huge red raider fans and they were serving i put them together and it's like a gender fiesta. I called her to share the idea and she loved then she asked..where do you get a tech piñata. Well, naturally, I hadn't got that far..haha...I just had the idea. like many of my thoughts..they are great ideas but hard to make happen...haha. SO, we googled Tech Pinatas and they were like $80...which I thought was ridiculous. So...I took it upon myself to make it! 
One weekend while my MIL was in town and the kids were down for their nap she helped me get started...

I used all materials I had at the house...
I drew a template of a double T onto a cardboard box, used a box cutter and cut it out..then used that template to trace on the other side of the box..

Once the two sides were cut I had some leftover sytrophome from my sewing machine box (I knew that would come in handy one day)...and Travis cut them into little squares to give the Double T the 3D affect...and to make tube down the middle so the stuffing would get into the hang-downs (haha) of the T's..
 Then with the all time tape...I taped those bad boys onto the cardboard.
 And again with the duck tape...taped the sides together...and there is the piñata! :)
 Next the fun, messy and time consuming part..paper macheing...I took our sunday paper and ripped it into 1"-2" strips and mixed a batch of flour and water to a brownie batter type consistency..well, maybe a little thinner...and went at it. I did 3 layers of paper mache. You have to wait for the layer to dry before adding another one..hence the time consuming, I did everything during nap time so once I got one layer completed a kid would wake it took me 3 days for this...
I started with it standing upright but it would get too heavy and start I had to lay it down on bricks to prevent bowing from happening...another reason it took a little longer...because you could only do one side at a time.
 Finally, after 3 layers it was done! 
 Now for the tissue paper....Kass wanted it to be in pink and blue to coordinate with the other I bought 5 packages of each pink and blue...but only ended up using 1 package of each...
I fan folded the tissue paper into 1" strips and then cut them. Then made little cuts along one side (being careful not to cute too high..i made them about 3/4 of the way up)
 I first started applying the tissue paper with masking tape...but that was taking forever. Double Sided stick tape would have been Ideal but I didn't have any of that...and reminder..I did this during nap time..and I wasn't about to wake them up for a quick used my photo spray glue..and it worked like a charm. So much faster and easier. it might make your fingers stick to any and everything but hey, it was faster and I was all about that...
 My little assistant.

 Finally I had it all completed. 
 I cut out a piece at the bottom, the same width as the T base in order for it to be stuffed...and all they would have to do is tape it back...A friend did the stuffing who wasn't going to be able to make it..b/c the parents-to-be didn't know either.
 I Cut out a hole on each side to feed rope through....and WA-LA...
A Texas Tech Piñata...for about $18. :)
It was either going to be stuffed with footballs (boy) or pom-pons (girl)...and little footballs came out....everybody was so excited.
A future Red Raider is on his way! 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Party Time...

On Saturday we had 3 different shindigs to attend...boy was it a full day but it was a great one and got to see so many wonderful faces. It's sad that we are all so busy it's hard to see the ones that live the closest! :( But, we kinda made up for lost time this weekend. 
Saturday started at a birthday party for a sweet little girl, from church, who turned 2...a mickey party at a local gymnastics gym. Ty was soooooo excited about it b/c not only could he do his "gymnastics" but bc he is actually starting gymnastics there after labor day...he loves it. Anyways, for 2 hours Ty was full-throttle, non-stop. He did a floor exercise...I wish I was able to upload was hysterical...complete with a forward roll. He bounced all around the trampolines, jumped into the foam name it he did it...he absolutely loved it...he even passed up food and cake..and that's not like Ty! haha. 
Hanna also enjoyed it...she pretty much got carried around but when she was put down for a bit she showed her gymnastics skills. 

This is Ty and Hanna's favorite person at church..She loves Ty and Hanna as do her triplet brothers. :) 

On the trampoline

she was playing her friends..bc clearly she knows exactly how to crawl up the stairs..haha.

There's the Hanna we know and love..she wanted to get in on the action
And guess who showed up...MICKEY and MINNIE. Ty was soooo excited.  

practicing connecting her combination jumps...haha..i feel the commentator at the olympics said that phrase every routine..haha.

walking with Shae.

OF course Ty and Hanna both crashed on the way home from the birthday party..they both played so hard. but, while they rested I had a baby shower to attend, Travis stayed home with them..of course they both took like 2 hour naps(how does that always happen..haha). Sadly though, I have no pictures of the baby shower...but baby Hayes at will be here soon and the little cowboy had a precious shower and got some great gifts. 

After that shower, I ran home, changed clothes again, finished up a project, watched ty play in a little "golf tournament" and then it was time to go again...this time to a Gender Reveal party. Our great friends had an envelope for 2 weeks with their baby's gender but chose not to look until the party when everybody would find out together. They were kind to let me fulfill my thought of breaking a piñata to find the reveal...since they were serving fajitas I thought it went along with the theme and was a different way of finding out. SO, I made a double T piñata since they are both huge tech fans and were having a sports themed or blue, a friend who didn't think she was going to make the party was able to stuff the piñata with either footballs (boy) or pompoms (girl)....

Hanna had a thing for Freddie...

 Kassadie and Frankie...the soon to be parents of a baby....
 well, as you can see what TY is hoarding....A BOY!!! It was a great reveal party with the best reaction....Frankie is going to have a little frank!
 When they broke the piñata and the fballs came pouring out Ty immediately ran to them and starting collecting..stuffing every pocket and even down his 
 we wore pink...but were wrong!

On top of the 3 parties on saturday, my sister and her kids were here as, we had a great but tiresome weekend. Church was back to regular schedule so were back to early service...after lunch at my parents and playing for a bit..the kids both took another good 2 hour nap..yay..they were just so worn out! and it rained a little..hey, we'll take what we can get.
  We are so excited for all the babies being one up...Addison Kate. :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Last night after eating, baths and Jammie's we all went upstairs to hangout. When bedtime rolled around I went and put Ty and Hanna in their beds..did Ty's nighttime ritual of: potty, read several books (delays going to bed), prayer and I shut the door. I Went to my room to get the monitor and then Headed back upstairs. I had the video on Hanna's room since she usually cries for a few minutes before going to sleep. If Ty doesn't fall right to sleep we know bc he comes out of his room..usually bc he claims he has to "tee-tee." but, I never heard anything out of him so I assumed he was good in his room. Well..2 hours later when Trav and I were on our way to bed I clicked the video monitor over to Ty's room to check on him. I saw all his decorative pillows on his bed..which were on the floor when putting him into, I figured He was underneath them and I went to check on him and take the pillows off him. I took the first layer off and I didn't see him. I turned the hall light on to see better, pulled off another pillow and saw an outline of a little, I went and turned the closet light on..trying to refrain from turning his bedroom light on so I wouldn't wake him up...went to pull the sheet down and what did I find...donald duck ( he, Mickey and goofy sleep with him every night). I thought..where is Ty. He wasn't on the floor..where he sometimes is. before I got concerned I had a spot in mind I thought he might be. I went to our room and what did I spy in our bed...Ty! He had taken all our pillows off and put them on the floor and was laying across the bed sound asleep. Oh Ty. We just put him in the middle of the bed and once I got into bed he just sucked to me like a magnet. Ty always comes into our room in the middle of the night and climbs into bed with us and he always lays/cuddles with me. Although I love cuddling with my little boy I really want to break this habit he started a few months ago.
Travis and I just laughed though bc we thought it was pretty smooth. A Farris bueller in training. Oh dear! Haha.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

end of summer..

you know summer is coming to an end and fall is soon beginning when...

church goes back to its regular schedule instead of just one service...hence the way we have time for photo ops beforehand..

instead of the golf channel being on all the time it's now hunting....

we go to the deer lease once a week...

i'm ready for the hot, hot heat to be over with and new cooler weather. I enjoy hot weather but come july/august it's just too hot! I feel for all the preggos out there. 

stores get crowded again since everybody is back in town...

stores have their fall line in..yay!  my favorite season

i start thinking of my christmas list...ha. 

hugs mommy..

silly ty...

and guess what...we had a little rain on monday...and ty and hanna loved playing it. 

 snack time...hanna just helped herself...haha

Ty the builder...his tape measure, pencil and helicopter tape measure....the kid loves to "build." he tells me, "Mommy, I have work to do."