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Monday, July 9, 2012

little R&R...

We had such a great and relaxing weekend..
ty and Hanna's Gamy and Granddaddy came in for the weekend and we just hung out...went to the pool, cooked out, went putt-putt and just was great. 
They left sunday before we headed to church and afterwards we loaded up and headed to the deer lease to put up a couple of feeders and game least that was the plan. 
It takes an hour and half to get to the the kids had their nap time then...once we got there, found a great spot...which is great because it's down the hill, across the creek path..a good 50-100 yards away from where our truck was..great spot for hunting...not such a great spot for having to carry feeders, corn, ladder, drill...etc, etc plus add 2 kids! after the 2 hours it took us to get the 1 feeder up, super hot, sweaty, ty had a fight with a cactus..and unfortunately lost, and my carrying Hanna in the baby bjorn...we were we decided the other feeder can be set up another time...haha. 
AFter cooling off in the car for awhile we made our way to the DQ and got a delicious treat...i foresee that being a stop every time! ha. 
Travis loves the lease and gets soooo excited just thinking about it...and seeing Ty love it just as much makes me all happy inside..but don't fool yourself..Hanna will be right there with them with her pink gun! haha!

Ty hit 2 hole in ones...

After we got back from the deer lease this funny stuff fell from the sky...ty was so excited to go play in it.
 and our little girl decided she was going to start standing on her own...(sigh)
plus, today we found out she still has an ear! different antibiotic on the way.

Not sure what Ty loves the most...the fact that he can drive, seeing all the "big cows and little cows" trying to wake the deer up by yelling, "Deers wake up" or always wanting to help his daddy....either thing is for sure..a great time is going to be had at this place...and hopefully freezer full of venison and some horns on the wall! :)

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  1. Looks like you have a little hunter on your hands!! These pictures are too cute!