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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Field trip...

Today Ty got his own library card. He was so excited. We cruised through the books rather swiftly bc all Ty could think about was getting his card. So..after about 10 minutes..he had his book and DVD picked out. A book on tigers and a bob the builder DVD. Afterwards, since the library is right across the street from Travis' work we surprised him at work and showed him Ty's new items! But Ty was more into seeing pictures of himself and pictures of deer! Haha!
We have read the book numerous times today and he was able to watch his movie this afternoon! Now, I just have to remember to take them back! I would hate for Ty's card to get a late fee already. Lol! They had to re-activate my card since it's been a long while since I've used mine. Haha! He was excited to put his card in his wallet but I have yet to let him bc I don't want him to lose it or Hanna to eat it!
It was cleaning time in the afternoon and while I changed the guest bed sheets..gamy and granddaddy come this weekend..Ty and Hanna made forts..and since Hanna was apparently too cool for an afternoon nap today she slept through dinner!
But, if she was awake she would blow you all kisses!! Her new favorite trick!

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