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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Big Boy...

OH, have nailed it again...saw this comic strip and literally made me laugh out load..this is TY to a "T." I love having a talking toddler but there are moments when you wish they were a baby again..(for more reasons than just non-stop talking). haha. 

He always seems to take his shoes off in the car and then wants me to find them and put them back on his seems to be a fun game to him..but i don't play often. ha.
He's pretty good about throwing his trash away but on occasions he'll be right by the trashcan and ask me to do it..
EVERY night...he asks to "put covers on" and after doing so and our nightly routine he'll climb out of bed again...usually bc he says he needs to go tee-tee (which he just did) or brush his teeth (which he just did) or he needs the covers back on! clearly, he has figured the art of staling out!
If you are eating better be ok with sharing.. but that goes for Hanna as well
and 2 1/2 year old forgot how to walk at 20 months when little sister was yes, I carry them both all the time...but, I love my little character...he constantly makes us laugh!

My little boy has been potty-trained since right after his 2nd birthday and has done extremely well with it...the one thing he isn't too keen on is going by himself. He can do it but chooses not to..he wants somebody to watch him...or to walk into the bathroom with him and then he tells you to leave..haha.  So, bc I know he can go by himself (and so does he) I started giving him a reward for going by himself...and if he dresses himself for the day as well (take of jammies, place in dirty clothes, and put new undies and clothes on).  Thanks to the 4th of  July parade we have an abundance of candy which THis morning I told him we could go to the playground if he did everything by himself (little did he know I was planning on taking him anyways...hehe)...but since he did a great job we headed to the playground.  he knows of and creates great incentive. 

No, I wouldn't choose to button his top button but he insist on it! 

 Enjoying the nice fresh air and the smell of rain..
 Ty loves to pick EVERY single flower for his mommy...although I could have a lovely bouquet and the park might not have many flowers left....i can't resist but say, "thank you,'s beautiful.. i love it." and then I get the response, "you welcome, mommy." Every time..haha.
and our little Einstein...her hair is just as crazy as her brothers..I see many braids in our future..hehe.'s typically not this bad..this was after a nap time..but's wild.

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