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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Arts and crafts...

Ty and I have been busy doing crafts..thinks to pinterest! Since he only attends MDO once a week in the summer we have to find things to keep him interested when we are home! Thought I'd share his work..from his own work or from being my assistant! Ha!

We made a frame to hold his beautiful art work from school! I saw this on pinterest but made it from what I had on hand...there are several ways to make it. I found the frame in my favorite shopping parents house...hehe.. Got my trusty spray paint then with Ty's help hammered 3 nails along the sides and attached hanging wire to them..attached a sawtooth hanger and wa-la! Ty loves showing hanna his work..daily! Haha.

And he made his personalized canvas!
Put some tape on the canvas and let him go to town with his fingerpaints! It's hangs upstairs above his workbench...he chose the spot!

Then we went to the dollar store one day...btw..I have never been in there but when I saw this craft on pinterest I saw where I needed to go..and let me tell you I was impressed...I will definitely go back.i see stocking stuffers in our future! :)
Anyways, we got the $1 fancy Samncy silver platter (splurged and got 2...haha). Brought them home and got our favorite chalkboard spray paint and painted the inside...attached the two platters length wise with leopard ribbon and hung it in our kitchen.. I apparently didn't take a picture of the final result but you get the idea!

Those are just a few I have on my phone...with the 1,000 other pictures..hmm..looks like I need to erase some. You see...I am currentlu getting a pedicure...first once since was waaaayyy overdue but I just never have the time..until the fall when Hanna joins Ty at MDO! Thanks Trav for watching the kids during your lunch break so my toes don't embarrass us at the wedding this weekend! :)

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