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Saturday, July 7, 2012

The 4th...

This was the first time in...well...since I can remember I stayed in Midland for the 4th...Since it was on a wednesday this year it put a cramp in our travel we just, like many others, stayed here. The good thing about celebrating in the middle of the week there were tons of kids at the children's that was fun. we enjoyed a very relaxing day of family time. My parents were out of town so we invaded their house and pool for the afternoon. 
We started off with pancakes in bed..yes, hanna got some too. you might, that is brave, my kids would make a complete mess eating pancakes in did Hanna. I had to get the vacuum out to get all the crumbs off our bed. oh well..she enjoyed it. 
after our breakfast, and a few pictures, we went to support the children's parade downtown. it was really cute seeing all the little kids decorate their bikes, wagons, power-wheels, etc for the little parade...and of course ty loved it....but if you ask him his favorite part of the parade he will tell you, "i got lots of candies." yes, ty, you did! haha.
after the parade we stopped and got stuff do cook chili dogs. Travis told me he wanted a good ole american, juicy, fatty hot "beef" hot dog..."none of turkey dog stuff." haha. so, that's what we did. 
ty became a little fish that day..and swam "all by myself." even took a few little jumps off the diving board. he swam and swam and swam...and hanna was right there with him...she loves to swim as well. 
after we were sunned out..we headed back home to have our dinner...what better way to enjoy our Independence than with Mexican food....fajitas! haha. 
After a few failed attempts of getting ty to stay in bed he got to stay up for a bit and watch a little of the Macy's firework show on TV...since it doesn't get dark until around 9:30ish here...ty/we only saw fireworks from the TV..
finally our little boy hit the hay and we were right behind was a great family, fourth day! :)

pancakes in bed...

Ty made that hat at MDO and wanted to wear it to the

Lunch time...travis was in heaven.
did anybody else watch the annual hot dog eating contest? I think he won by eating 68 hotdogs....THAT IS CRAZY. disgusting 

Ty's way of swimming by himself..greatest lifejacket ever.

 collecting candy..

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