Rollin' with the Roby's

Sunday, July 29, 2012

9 months...

Our sweet baby girl turned 9 months today...can't believe it! the time has flown by sooo fast! 

She is still the happiest baby...her smile is always on and is very contagious. 
A little socialite who loves seeing people...and although has major separation anxiety now...she will go to anybody!

trying her hardest to walk...she wants to keep up with Ty so badly. she'll get into a three point stance and start trying to stand and then crash....speaking of crash...she has been doing that A LOT lately. poor baby girl is having spills left and right...and it's not too comfortable on the hardwoods and tile. 

And...standing up on her bumper in her crib is a new fun thing for her....and scares me to death...soooo..the bumpers might be coming out soon...since she is using my crib from when I was a doesn't go as low as the new ones...or she'll get the other crib back in her room. decisions, decisions.

she blows kisses, waves and claps like she is in a beauty pageant. constantly doing them!

Loves singing "if you are happy and you know it."

still only has 2 teeth...not sure how to handle that...ty had a mouth full at this time...but, don't kid yourself...she manages to eat everything in sight. and I have officially (as of today) stopped nursing so she puts those bottles back like they are nothing. :) 

In 9 month clothes and size 3 diapers.

We love her sooo much and her smile and demeanor just makes us so proud! :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Arts and crafts...

Ty and I have been busy doing crafts..thinks to pinterest! Since he only attends MDO once a week in the summer we have to find things to keep him interested when we are home! Thought I'd share his work..from his own work or from being my assistant! Ha!

We made a frame to hold his beautiful art work from school! I saw this on pinterest but made it from what I had on hand...there are several ways to make it. I found the frame in my favorite shopping parents house...hehe.. Got my trusty spray paint then with Ty's help hammered 3 nails along the sides and attached hanging wire to them..attached a sawtooth hanger and wa-la! Ty loves showing hanna his work..daily! Haha.

And he made his personalized canvas!
Put some tape on the canvas and let him go to town with his fingerpaints! It's hangs upstairs above his workbench...he chose the spot!

Then we went to the dollar store one day...btw..I have never been in there but when I saw this craft on pinterest I saw where I needed to go..and let me tell you I was impressed...I will definitely go back.i see stocking stuffers in our future! :)
Anyways, we got the $1 fancy Samncy silver platter (splurged and got 2...haha). Brought them home and got our favorite chalkboard spray paint and painted the inside...attached the two platters length wise with leopard ribbon and hung it in our kitchen.. I apparently didn't take a picture of the final result but you get the idea!

Those are just a few I have on my phone...with the 1,000 other pictures..hmm..looks like I need to erase some. You see...I am currentlu getting a pedicure...first once since was waaaayyy overdue but I just never have the time..until the fall when Hanna joins Ty at MDO! Thanks Trav for watching the kids during your lunch break so my toes don't embarrass us at the wedding this weekend! :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Field trip...

Today Ty got his own library card. He was so excited. We cruised through the books rather swiftly bc all Ty could think about was getting his card. So..after about 10 minutes..he had his book and DVD picked out. A book on tigers and a bob the builder DVD. Afterwards, since the library is right across the street from Travis' work we surprised him at work and showed him Ty's new items! But Ty was more into seeing pictures of himself and pictures of deer! Haha!
We have read the book numerous times today and he was able to watch his movie this afternoon! Now, I just have to remember to take them back! I would hate for Ty's card to get a late fee already. Lol! They had to re-activate my card since it's been a long while since I've used mine. Haha! He was excited to put his card in his wallet but I have yet to let him bc I don't want him to lose it or Hanna to eat it!
It was cleaning time in the afternoon and while I changed the guest bed sheets..gamy and granddaddy come this weekend..Ty and Hanna made forts..and since Hanna was apparently too cool for an afternoon nap today she slept through dinner!
But, if she was awake she would blow you all kisses!! Her new favorite trick!

Monday, July 23, 2012

back to bear country....

Last thursday...well actually two thursdays ago... we loaded up and headed to ruidoso for 8 days of vacation with my sister, her kiddos (daniel couldn't make it) and travis and my dad came for the first weekend. We had a  great time just hanging out..enjoying the cooler weather outdoors, playing in the river and just being together. 
No bears this time...although we did spot the Elk while driving back from town one morning. :) 
pretty sure wildlife was scared to come around our cabin bc of all the noise.haha. The last saturday morning we did hear a bear at the dumpster but was unsuccessful in seeing it..but later heard (after we had left) it was found drinking in our bird bath! ha. 

While we were there we....

visited my aunts, "petting zoo." somehow she was adopted 3 baby peacocks, a goat, fish, chickens and ducks and of course her the kids loved torturing the animals.

you can't go to ruidoso without shopping...

 or without a trip to ride the pony's....Ty still won't get on one...but Brady loves them...
 while mom-mom went to wal-mart we stayed at the park...
 sophi would have rather just eaten the dirt..

THe beautiful Elk....of course, like last time, i didn't have my camera..good thing for phone cameras...we may or may not have stalked this beautiful animal! :) 
 With the rain the snails came out...poor snail is all I have to say. ha

Ty giving Sophi a raspberry. Obviously, she enjoyed

My aunt gave a princess chair to sophi...but look who mainly sat in it..

Rio mom worked so hard in trying to make our river beautiful again. with the flood from..umm...2008...FEMA really ruined the river. the grass island was never there. When travis came down he used the weed-eater to trim it all down and mom and I tried pulling the thick grass came up just like carpet. mom has tried to find somebody to get it taken out but nobody seems to be able to...we need an excavator...(sara you and ryon want a trip to ruidoso..just bring the CAT excavator...haha)
 sweet kisses

 brady called the deer "reindeer." and would correct his grandpa when he said mule deer.
 If my Gram (my mom's mom) was still alive she would have a fit that sophi could fit her head in-between the rails...when gram first put the porch there the workers tried to space them even further apart but she told them to redo it bc her grankids (me) would be able to fit their heads through there...the workers disagreed but i proved gram right by sticking my head, the workers re-did it. I was older than Sophi is so she can still fit her head through. I know Gram is smiling down from Heaven knowing we are enjoying the cabin still but cringing that her now-great-grandkids can stick their heads through. handsome hubby.

Travis was about to hand feed the deer some pub mix but at the last second he pulled from the bowl it was.

since mom couldn't find anybody to hire to fix our river...we took matter into our own hands...she re-routed the river to flow differently.
 and took a spill in the process...

so now we can enjoy more river walking just looks soooo much nicer. 

our little texas tornado, bull in a china cabinet also enjoyed it....she is just a mess. a walking wrecking ball and walking scratch and bruise. she's a tough and strong little girl.

and of course, our sweet little water bug enjoyed it as well.

Brady and sophi got their mark for the year (ty and hanna hadn't grown enough from last month to re-mark them). 

We all think and know Brady is tall...but according to the sister was still a good 6 inches taller than he is at 3. as casey says, "I was a giant." 
At 9 months (hanna's age..almost) my sister was Sophi's height..who is 13 months. 

The wall is a fun way to look back and reminisce.