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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

San Fran pictures...

We Had a great time hanging out in San Fran! But, I have to admit..the best time of our whole trip was spent in the car ride to and from abilene and dallas! Those who know Travis know he is quite the entertainer....he just makes me laugh so hard. Yes, being in San Fran was nice with out the kids (for a few days...then we missed them like crazy) but having a nice car ride without kids might have even been better! haha. We laughed so hard, reminisced on childhood shows...(i.e. Salute your Shorts, Hey Dude..etc)..haha..Things that come out of his mouth just make me laugh.  It was just a great time.
Here is our trip in a picture book...

 Walked from Union Square to Fisherman's Wharf....
 that 1.9 miles was a BAD idea...we cabbed it back..haha.

 never a dull moment.
The boat that Titanic was filmed on.. 
 Pier 39

 lots of seals...even cute little baby ones..

 The picnic didn't quite feel the hubs up...luckily ben and jerry's was there to help!


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