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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

On the Road Again...

This past weekend we traveled to San Antonio where we meet the Roby's for a weekend trip. San Antonio is about a halfway meeting point between Houston and Midland and we found a place we might just make a yearly trip! It was wonderful..The JW Marriott Hill Country resort and Spa! It was a hotel and watermark all in the scenery is beautiful and often times we we forgot we were still in Texas. A wonderful family friendly hotel.  A secure place where all staff members are friendly and everybody speaks english! haha. There was daily activities for kids but also a secluded pool and adult feel for those without kiddos. plus, there is an awesome golf course (apparently a difficult one) and hiking trails...Perfect place. One of our favorite locations to date! I highly recommend it. :) Anywho...of course the night before we are to leave Hanna got her first sickness (besides a cold)...a high 104 fever that started that afternoon and would not break. Luckily our pedi was the on call dr and got hanna an appt the next morning. Sweet baby slept on me...which means I didn't sleep because 1) I was administering Tylenol and Ibuprofen around the clock and 2) I can't sleep with babies in the bed with scares me too much! so the next morning we woke up and got Hanna to the dr where we learned she had a Double Ear Infection...poor baby. I had a feeling since she had been fighting a cold for awhile! Even after antibiotics she was still running a temp...dang that wouldn't break...we contemplated keeping her home but decided she's either going to have a fever/not feel good at home or have a fever/not feel good in a hotel...either way it was the, we loaded up and went! and finally on saturday..her fever was gone! yay! Today is tuesday she's had a low grade off and on but feels and acts sooooo much better. our happy little girl is back! :) I hate it when babies/kids are sick and it's just a waiting game until they feel better...and the parents feel helpless! buy yay for meds!! :) 

Here is our little girl not feeling hot...she basically stayed in the hotel room all day on friday!

The Kiddie Pool....Ty absolutely loved it...all kinds of water shooting out, 3 slides..a little boys dream...Gamy found him a mickey mouse water shooter...and i'm pretty sure everybody at that pool was squirted...haha. best $1 spent! :) entertained him for hours.

 Ty doing what he does best...entertaining.

 beautiful Hill Country
 Gamy and Granddaddy 
 Aunt Ash, Uncle Brian...Addison is due Aug 31st! 
 Each night they had "make your own s'mores" of course we participated.

 Saturday morning they had a kid activity where kids colored/decorated their ducks and then they raced them down a stretch of the lazy river....ty colored his but since hanna was in the room eating Granddaddy decorated hers...with Texas Tech signs of course...haha. 
 Ty showing his ducky..
 The big adult water slide...travis and brian rode that one..ty was too short. had to be at least 48"
 the smaller slide...ty was able to ride this one and once he did he apparently loved it..

 Trae and Brian coming down the last slide into the lazy river.

 Saturday Hanna felt better so she got to play outside for a bit...

 The next ladies pic will have sweet Addison...

 Saturday night's activity was a laser tag game..

It was a great trip..and a perfect meeting spot! Everybody had such a great time...but Sunday it was over and we headed home! :) 
I actually got to go to the grocery store and stalk up since we will be home for a couple of weeks before we are traveling again!!! 

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