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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

on the move....

Oh, Hanna!!!! While we were gone in San Fran we got word that Hanna finally took off crawling (as we figured she would). She is constantly trying to keep up with her Big matter where he is..she is also pulling up...even got her first "pulling up boo-boo" while we were gone...a little battle wound never hurt anybody. In fact, she has had a rough couple of spills the last couple of days..some from her new moves..some from her brother (non-intentional though)..I am sure there will be PLENTY more scars to's a peak..

Ty the encourager, "come on hanna." Thanks TY!! ha.
 If you wonder why she is in her diaper's because she is a messy, messy eater..and could care less about her messy self as long as she is eating....i figure she'll be my messy child.

 She loves to rock out to ty's mickey guitar...they typically have jam sessions together..ty gives her one and he keeps one and they go to town....
 Hanna helping with the day pretty me..take your time.your turn will be soon! :)

 Notice the battle wound on her left cheek..
I think I am going to have to get some big, play tile squares for the kitchen...she's had a couple of not so graceful spills. Once she was sitting like she is in the picture and Ty came around and did his, "I scare you" and did he scare her!!! poor girl feel over flat on her cheek...and poor Ty felt awful. haha...i told ty he wasn't allowed to "scare" hanna anymore bc while he always "scares" me and travis it really does indeed scare Hanna! lol.

Ty is the sweetest big brother, and a good little boy...always loving on her and making sure she is ok...Hanna is such a happy, go lucky baby! I am sooooo blessed to have such wonderful, healthy kids! 

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