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Friday, June 15, 2012

No place like home...

We have had a great time in San Fran but...I'm homesick! Soooo ready to see my kids! Plus, while Travis is in classes I have shopped to my hearts content..meaning..I'm done. There is only so much I can do before I'm over it. I just don't know of anything else to do! I wish I would have thought/planned our trip better and I would have planned a photography lesson or a Mac computer class!!! Oh, well! Shopping sufficed! ;) hehe!
Yesterday was so fun! we had a picnic lunch in fishermans wharf followed by a tour of Alcatraz. Travis and I had both done that before but it had been awhile for both of, it was nice to see it again! Afterwards we went to my favorite place in San Fran called, The Tadich Grill! Sooo yummy...and Travis also loved it! We ate until we had to roll ourselves out of there! It was a great day. Today, I everyday, took my time getting ready then had lunch with at The Cheesecake Factory since it overlooks the, it's always yummy in my book!! It's a beautiful day here. Afterwards we went to a few shops and headed back to the he's in class and I'm watching the Open..waiting for him to be finished so we can have one last fabulous dinner before heading bank can't get here soon enough..I'm ready to be home, with my kids, eat Rosas' ( I love seafood but I need my Mexican food fix)and be on TX time(this time change is getting to me).
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! :)

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