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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

milestones and puzzles...

Although we could be called the Traveling Roby's lately...we did have yesterday to clean/laundry and get a few pictures before we (me and kids) load up today and head to Ruidoso! yay for cooler weather, the smell of pine and just total relaxation!
But, before we leave I thought I would share a few highlights of our last few weeks...

Hanna has 3 teeth now...all on bottom.

She got to ride like a big girl while helping mommy shop for groceries.

Still hasn't gotten her coordination down for crawling but she is trying her hardest..she'll take a few crawls and then face instead of the traditional crawling method..she prefers this way so she can lunge forward further..

Ty is ALL ABOUT puzzles. I say that is all caps because that is literally ALL we do...ALL DAY EVERYDAY anyway possible...board puzzles, my phone, and's never ending!!! i needed a break from doing them so snuggie got a turn.. but, he had to do the "little puzzle." lol. 
 these are 2 our of the many thomas puzzles we do 

The beginning of swim season this year Ty was extremely hesitant..and would rather sit on the side and put his feet in (kick) than swim...he seemed scared. so...he haven't pushed him. Until...this past weekend and we were all swimming and ty was hanging out on the step and I just grabbed him and made him swim with me...and he loved it. not sure what it was..but he has been a little fish since then...then we wanted to jump like cousin brady was doing and would only jump to me...we think because the first time ty got into the pool was with travis who put him underwater and apparently scared ty..but after a few jumps to me..travis and I tricked him and instead of me catching him..travis ty will swim and jump to whomever...but, as you can see...the only problem with jumping in water, and no your shorts fall off! but, isn't that a cute little bottom! :) 
sunday after church, sophi's birthday party and yard work we went to our neighborhood pool...ty actually wanted to get in the "big pool" and jump..good thing that pair fit him a little better so we had no mooning going on! :) is Hanna's new's still a work and progress..and clearly I can't take a straight picture with my phone while holding hanna..but, you get the drift.

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