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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day...

I have been blessed with an amazing dad whom I've always looked up much that I wanted to find a man just like him one day to marry. Well..24 years later I did!
That being said, 3 1/2 years into our marriage we have been blessed with 2 wonderful kids who are so lucky to call Travis their daddy.
He is such an awesome dad..hands on, funny, outgoing, playful dad. He even does diapers! :)
Today we celebrated Travis by 1) traveling with kids in tow back home from Abilene! (it was so wonderful seeing our kids). Once home we have been watching the US Open ever since..and that's ok with us! We did take cooper on a walk/swim and let Ty go fishing for a bit!
Thanks to pinterest I found fathers day inspired gifts/decorations. Amanda's parties provided the cute fathers day banner. If you aren't friends with her go befriend her on fb..thats where i got Ty's Mickey party decor and she gives lots of free go check her out. For his "candy card" I also found it in pinterest.
Ty answered questions about his favorite is the 3rd question down on the left. Ty did a great job filling it out. I can't wait to hear his answers next year along with Hanna's.!
For dinner, Travis wanted a whole rotisserie chicken, hashbrown casserole and rolls...and for dessert Oreos, nutter butters and milk! Lol! And that's why I love him! :)
We have an a great day with wonderful family time...way, way overdue! I told Travis I can't be away from my kids that long again! We both missed them like crazy! :)

Hope everyone had a day honoring their fathers!

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