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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Down by the bay...

Travis and I dropped the kids off in Abilene with my sister Monday evening and headed to Dallas..spent the night with my meme..then got up Tuesday morning and flew to San francisco! Travis is attending a landman conference and I get to tag along! When we got here we went to the fishermans wharf..walked around and found a perfect japenese infusion restaurant where we sat inside overlooking the water and had a drink and an appetizer! Perfect way to start our trip off...even though we are here for Travis' work it's nice to have a little get-a-way with just us! (we haven't had a trip by ourselves in 2 1/2 years). after our kick start to San Fran we met up with some friends from Dallas and had a wonderful dinner! Of course with the time change we didn't eat until 9:00 TX time so after dinner we headed back to the hotel..stopped at the hotel bar to see who was all there..then headed to bed! Wow..we haven't been up til midnight in a Long time...bc we wanted to not but because kids! Ha!
Anyways, today started the landman conference so while Travis is daydreaming In classes..I got to lay in bed, drink 2 cups of coffee that I didn't have to reheat...Took a nice, long uninterrupted hot shower, got dressed on a leisurely pace and now I sit waiting for their lunch break! I was going to get out but, I'm not going to lie, doing absolutely nothing but watching the Today Show is fantastic and a nice treat:)
My sister has been great in sending me pictures of my I know they are having a great time with their cousins..which I never doubted!
So...greetings from San Francisco! :)

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