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Friday, June 29, 2012

8 Months...

Happy 8 months to our sweet baby girl. Hanna is such a joy with her happy attitude and sweet demeanor.  We just love her so much. 

At 8 months Hanna is...
 super mobile...likes to go up the steps in the upstairs room and and once reaches the top and starts playing she frequently tumbles down would think she'd learn to crawl a little farther before finding a toy..she is getting tougher but she still acts like she is fragile...and puts out the most pitiful pouty lip..haha.

Figured out the art of clapping and does it all day! 

"talks" all the time...

likes to play with any toy..mostly Ty's cars, trucks, tools...haha..but if you leave the room she sure doesn't like, I'll go pick her up and she starts laughing...she's a smart one..haha

Really doesn't enjoy her mid-day nap. cries for awhile before she finally gives up. Actually, she doesn't like any nap. 

Likes to feed herself. She gets a lot of table food but I also give her baby food and she'll even try and feed herself with the spoon...and gets REAL excited when I open the pantry door..just like her big brother did.

Chews on anything and everything...but extremely partial to anything paper or plastic..or leaves. she is our human vacuum.

wants to run and play so badly with she prefers to only stand these days. 

Loves to put her in the pool and she just starts kicking away...

 "If you are happy and you know it clap your hands."

 We compromised to this's a half sit, half stand height for her...

 I hope this isn't the beginning of this face..if so,, OH DEAR..
 Back to standing

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