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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


This past weekend Travis and I experienced what it would be like if we had 4 kids...not saying that we will..but, hypothetically even travis will admit..we nailed it! haha. granted...our kids would not be as close together as brady, ty, sophi and hanna are. 4 kids under the age of 3 is crazy..but fun!
They stayed the night with us on thursday night and what fun it was...and then waking up the next morning with everyone under one roof was great. once everyone was up (which was at 6:15) and hanna was fed, I made them their mickey mouse pancakes they always get when they are here. I love having brady at my house because me makes me feel like such a great cook because he eats everything I make...and a lot! that! After that we decided to venture down to our neighborhood park..where we played for a good while and even met ty's good friend deacon there! the 3 boys had a great time, hanna napped and sophi wouldn't leave my sight. her! the boys loved the slides but then saw a roly poly and then the poor thing was tortured...but it provided great humor to the 3 year old and 2 two year olds. haha. 
We were going to head to the lake after lunch but a very last minute decision made us stay in midland. Just thought it would be best for everyone involved. Although the lake is our home away from home it is sometimes nice to not have to pack (especially for 4 kids) and then the travel...since we are traveling so much we stayed put and just ended up hanging out by my parents pool all weekend. So, it was nice. It was also my birthday so i was able to spend the weekend with my family...or at least some of them. :)

Sunday after church pictures...

 My sweet Brady Bear and Sophi Girl.

Itty bitty polka dot bikini's.

 My yummy birthday cake. are some pictures of our katy trip that i finally downloaded...

Gigi (travis' grandmother) and Hanna in their pink.

McCain and Ty being silly. Cousin Jenn brought matching Crystal BEach shirts but of course, McCAin was perfect and let us take some little boy, on the other hand...wasn't in the mood (seems to be the trend lately when the camera comes out...guess I've ruined him..haha). 
Ella....we missed you but we hope to see you soon! :) 
Can't wait for a group shot of McCain, Ty, Ella, Hanna, Sawyer and Addison...

Ty wouldn't participate in the group shot but McCain was proud to take a picture with Hanna.

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