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Saturday, May 19, 2012


I've always wanted to be an Au Pair... or at least it intrigued me in high school...but then I decided (or my parents decided... I would go to college). Plus, i wanted a family of my own. but, i got a small glimpse of the job because...on Monday Me, Ty and Hanna loaded up and headed to ABilene to help my sister out since her boss has swamped her (to say the least) with last minute evals before school lets out..and since her farmer husband needed to be gone to the farm to cut wheat...aunt lindsey to the rescue. Brady and Sophi had been sick and therefore unable to attend daycare the week before and well..the beginning of this week wasn't looking too good for them either. Plus, casey was going to be up all night getting work done...and although she is a super mom...sometimes it's nice to have a little help. Plus, there isn't much arm twisting when it involves seeing my niece and nephew. 
So...we played, went to the park..but since brady bear wasn't feeling to well, our stay wasn't as long as it typically would have been but we were there still an hour...and the boys had fun. My sister was able to get some work done and me and the kids just played. We went into The Children's Place and when I walked in carrying two infant carriers and 2 little boys walking beside me..I got the funniest looks..I quickly informed them they were not all mine..and that I do have TV's in my! After I told them 2 were mine and 2 were my niece and nephew they gave a big sigh out...haha! no people..i am not crazy..but thanks for the sympathy! haha. 
Then wednesday after getting the kids down I was talking to Travis and said, "I've got to go, I am not feeling well." What I had been feeling the previous 2 days had come true...the dreaded stomach bug hit be wednesday night! BLAH!!! So, there I am in Abilene, trying to help my sister (who is sick herself) and Brady who is sick with Croup and now..I have the bug! After my first episode all over my sisters newly cleaned carpet (but, thanks to my mom and her super magic stain cleaning skills it came out) I debated what to do...Tell my sister or just clean it up and go on with my night...well, i ended up waking her up to inform her. SO, instead of me helping her she was now helping me. and of course, the night Hanna decides to wake up to feed was the night I am sick...without graphic details..let me just tell you how much fun it was nursing and being "sick" IT'S NOT! 
SOOOO anyways, Thursday the roby clan and my mom were going to head to ruidoso...but when mom found out I had the stomach bug and left casey with no help..she cancelled her plans and came to abilene...travis decided to come along to so he could bring me and the kids home since mom was going to stay through the weekend. WEll, thursday I still couldn't travel 2 hours so we ended up leaving friday morning...but travis was a very handy in that he helped get Sophi's big girl carseat ready, put brady's trampoline together, mowed the lawn and played with the kids! 
Today is Saturday and I sit here with time to write because both kids are napping and travis is in bed with tummy issues himself....OH DEAR! well...and before I finished this's official..travis has it now too. It's amazing how he got it and none of the kids do (at least I am still praying and crossing my fingers they don't)!
It's beautiful outside and us Roby's are inside and sick! 

I gave Hanna a snack and obviously only wanted to chew on the bowl...ha.
 Oh..Sophi! We all thought Ty was/is an extremely active little fella...but he has nothing on Sophi! She is a mess!  she's into is a picture of her shirtless because she made her way to the water table and drenched herself...then while I was feeding hanna she decided to eat some potting soil. She is so funny though..she has the attitude that...if the boys can do can I. and boy does she.. she usually ends up betting brady and ty up! one tough little girl with a super feminine name! lol.
 Hanna and Sophi enjoying the park.
 The boys enjoying the park.

I put sophi's hair in a ponytail..hehe. 
 our tough girl who likes to wear her necklace..a girly tom-boy!
 I told sophi, "no" and I got this look...haha
 Hanna is trying her hardest to keep up. She gets on all 4's and tries to go by rocking..gets frustrated, cries and wants to be held! This crawling thing is hard work.
 Brady enjoying his trampoline. On the sick day..everyone stayed in their jammies all day or in just their diaper. ha!
 Hanna got in on the action too...Ty wanted no part in it! our crazy kid.
 but...guess who enjoyed it the most..yup...Sophi girl. she loved when brady bounced her our when she would stand and just fall down..crazy girl.
 sweet cousins in their, "I love Mom-Mom" shirts.

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