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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Over Memorial Day we traveled to NYC for the Roby's(and mine) dear friends wedding. We had been to NYC over christmas when TY was 10 months and this trip decided we would leave the kids with my parents while we enjoyed the city without worrying about Ty and Hanna! Although we enjoyed our time there we missed them like crazy. Travis and I would see every little thing that would remind us of them or see things that Ty would have enjoyed! was better for both parties that we went our separate ways...and my parents and meme kept them so entertained I am sure they didn't really miss us! :( 
Anyways....WE had such a great time. Since we had done all the touristy things the last visit we really didn't do that path again..we just hung out..ate delicious food and went to Derek and Megan's beautiful wedding in Brooklyn. Seeing Brooklyn was fun and so much different that NYC and TImes Square. IT was like a completely different atmosphere..very family and kid friendly...and quiet. very lovely. 
The wedding was held at a courtyard at a beautiful church (plymouth church). It was an absolutely gorgeous day...and HOT...oh my goodness..i had no idea NY could get that was in the low 90's with no breeze...with humidity....phew! the reception was held at a cute warehouse feel venue and it seemed like we were back in the 40's with the jazz/bluegrass type band (which was great and really neat) and the decor which Meagan did a lot herself was beautiful...she did an amazing job! She had spring bouquets of flowers in jars and they were just beautiful! the food was great along with the company. Travis and I were so glad we got to witness their special day and very excited for Mr and Mrs Devine. 
Here is our trip in a nutshell...
the first night we ventured to little Italy since last time we didn't go there bc we had Ty.

The dinner was excellent.

 Afterwards we walked around to find a good geleto place for Ashley and Addison :)

Saturday we had the morning to venture out until it was time for the rehearsal dinner...

 We walked to Travis' lunch request....a Deli...which had exactly what he wanted....
a little bread with his meat!! WOW.

AFter lunch and a little bit of shopping it was time to get ready to head to Brooklyn for the rehearsal dinner...fried chicken by Thighs and Pies!! :)

Can you see little Addison????

Sunday we relaxed and then headed to the broadway show, Wicked.
IT was very cute..very different from the Lion King that we saw last time...but a great can those girls sing! 

Somewhere along our walks we saw JAmes Earl Jones...the voice of many things.

Times square in May!

Didn't care to go into Toys R US....if you can only imagine how crowded it was...but we saw the huge farris wheel from the window...very neat.

Monday was the wedding day..

Mother-Son dance...Jeannine and Derek

Instead of riding the subway back to NYC we took a we were able to see the Brooklyn bridge

Brian and Ashley had to leave before the reception was over to catch their plane for work on after the wedding we went back to the hotel...relaxed a bit and then found a yummy restaurant..

Tuesday morning came early (with the time difference) and we had a flight to catch...travis and I were suppose to have an almost 4 hour layover in houston but we went standby on an earlier flight...AND GOT ON!!! I was so excited I teared up..I was soooooo anxious to see Ty and Hanna! Once we landed we learned our original flight was delayed and hour and half.....Oh my...which just made me that more excited we made the earlier flight! So we had the rest of the afternoon and evening to play with Ty and Hanna before bedtime. While we were gone I had told my parents and meme to have the camera ready when she starts crawling bc I knew it would be coming soon...but, instead of crawling she sprouted her first tooth! :) we had a wonderful time but "There is no place like home"...with your kids! :)

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