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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers day...

As a daughter myself I have the best mother...she is my biggest fan(along with my dad) and has always been there for me. I can't imagine a day go by that we don't call it text. I have learned so much from her in so many aspects and now that i'm a mom myself I truly appreciate her that much more..and hope that i can be just as good of a mom to Ty and Hanna as she was to me and my sister! I could use a million adjectives to describe her but what it boils down to is...she's the best mom a girl could ask for...she's pretty much awesome.and not only a great mom but a fantastic mom-mom to her 4 grand babies! We are all extremely lucky to have her!
Today as we celebrate our mothers I was also given a special day as I have two of the most wonderful children! I love my babies so much and couldn't be more blessed that they call me, "mommy." ( well, at least Ty does..haha). Plus, I have a great husband who helped make me feel so special and appreciated today. It started with pancakes in bed..and just lounging around in was marvelous! Travis made sure I didn't have to do was said, no cleaning either..but, I can't just not do anything all day. But, I had lunch prepared for me and dinner delivered! :) plus, I got some beautiful flowers and cards from me sweet babies and hubby! (I was wondering where my hurricane went...and I found it this morning holding my flowers ..haha). It's been a great, relaxing day and I've loved every minute..I even got an hour long nap in..woooaa! That NEVER happens!
I hope that all you other mommy's had a wonderful and felt just as loved as I did on this special day! Thanks Trav, Ty and Hanna! :)
the last picture is Ty's version of "mommy, daddy, Ty and Hanna." our mr potato head family portrait! Just perfect! Haha.

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