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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

7 months...

Happy 7 months to our sweet Hanna! Wow, time has flown by soooo quickly with her. I can't believe she is now closer to 1 than she is to a NB!! tear! 

Hanna is such a sweet baby! At 7 months she...

was away from her mommy for the first time..(trav and I went to NYC for 4 nights 5 days)
while we were gone she sprouted her first tooth...bottom right!
closer and closer to crawling...anyday now...however, she has the plank position down! 
Talks like crazy...she definitely wants to be heard over her brother...or learned to talk from her chatterbox brother..either way, she's a babbler!
rocking size 6-9 month clothes.
her hair gets lighter and lighter...but as you can see in the pictures..still sticks straight up! haha
she doesn't always enjoy wearing her bows...i knew this day would come...and it has officially come. she pulls them off...but with her super thin's hard to keep a little clip bow in her just battle with her on the headbands. hehe.
She also has a brand new GIRLY room...i just know she loves it..haha.
She is just one happy baby...who enjoys life and eating! :) 

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