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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A party-filled weekend...

This weekend, starting thursday, we were

busy, busy. One of my best friends from growing up got married so Thursday we kicked it off with the rehearsal dinner. Ty and Hanna got to attend everything but luckily for them, and us, there were several other kids in attendance to let Ty run around with, which he had a blast. But, that meant a late bedtime..sweet boy would tell us on the way home..."I tired." ahhh..
Friday was the wedding day so Ty and Hanna again got to go with me to get my hair done....lets just say we made it and I was ready for their nap time. haha. Luckily, I had other girls there to help hold Hanna and entertain my sleepy boy (late bedtime and woke up in the middle of the night). Once travis got home (he gets friday afternoons off) He took Ty and I had to take hanna with me (since she is still attached) to be with the bride. Hanna actually did great...thanks again to all the other BM's and friends for helping cart her was easy until picture time came...then what do you do with a baby when everybody has their picture taken...well, luckily a friend stepped in to help! phew!
Travis was a champ during the wedding having both kids and fearful Ty was about to run to the front to get me...luckily, he stayed put. haha.
After the wedding and grabbing a bit to eat at the reception Ty and Hanna got to go home with Travis while I stayed to send the bride and groom off!
But before they left...I have the sweetest boy and when the music got going and he saw other people dancing, instead of playing with the other kids, he stopped and came and got me to about melt your heart. I typically would have been highly embarrassed to be on the dance floor by ourselves..but not with my little boy..I had the biggest smile and I loved every second of it!! Thanks Ty baby..I am soooooo proud to be your mommy.
It was a fun wedding for a great couple...but, i was tired! lol.
Saturday, travis had to wake up early to catch a flight out for another wedding in NM. so, ty and I had breakfast in bed and watched phineas and ferb alone. :( but, then it was time to get ready for another "birthday party" as Ty calls them. Although, this time was a friends bridal shower I was helping host. Yes, you guessed it..ty and hanna were also in attendance. Luckily, mom-mom was there to help!
I am very proud of Ty and his potty training but there are times when I wish he was still in, at the wedding when we have waited in the food line for awhile and finally reach the plates and ty says, "mommy I go tee-tee." ahhh man! haha. and off we go. or at the bridal shower when I have Hanna in my arms and he pulls me to the's those times that are tricky. but, we are getting it down!
after the shower we were able to relax...I got them fed and bathed and down for an early bedtime...we were all exhausted.
Sunday, we were able to just relax. Hanna really started sitting up on her own and Ty finally got Mickey Mouse undies! haha!
Travis came home that afternoon and we were all glad to see him...and we were able to just take it easy. We did try and get the kids easter pictures taken but...well, that didn't work out! better luck next time I guess!
This was the weekend I worried about for several months leading up was I going to juggle everything I needed to do...but, of course, the Lord he always does, and made everything workout and go pretty smoothly. :)

Our mickey mouse underwear model.
Hanna was pooped on were we all!
made this delicious pinterest treat for travis' coming home horray!
hanna reading the paper with mommy.
yay..for parties..
mommy and Hanna at the wedding.

This picture cracks me up...obviously hanna is excited and ty got caught fishing in his

sweet hanna hanging out with the girls.
honorary floral girl for the wedding! love my little girl.

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