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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

let the questions begin....

The words of my two year old...

"Mommy, who's that guy?"
which he says to any person he is not familiar with...making our outings very awkward.

"Mommy, where is that guy going."
another awkward public outing.

"Come here, Hanna..come sit in my lap."
In a high pitched loving tone.

"No, Hanna, that's my toy."
You could also insert, Mason and Hallie there too." haha.

"Oh, Thank you, mommy."
To everything I hand him....and I mean, everything." but, I can't complain..i love his politeness.

"mommy, wipe up my poo-poo."
Got to love potty training.

"don't worry mommy, daddy will clean it up."
To anything he spills...i am not sure where he got that but i like it..haha.

"Oh, good job."
He is the BEST cheerleader and supporter!

the list could go on and on...but, hanna is awake and hungry.
If you need a laugh just come on over...the things he is saying now are pretty comical.

Borrowing the car cruiser from my parents....hanna LOVES to jump and since our jumper stays upstairs we needed something for downstairs...TY loves to push/crash her into objects and although he gets in trouble for doing so...hanna loves it! ha.
our little girl loves to eat and has started getting mad when you 1) don't feed her fast enough or 2) when it's all gone!....she might be like her cousin Sophi and BFF Hallie and skip the baby food and head right for table food.
Ty wanted Hanna to ride his choo-choo train with him. Poor Hanna wasn't quite sure about it..but nevertheless, went along so she could be like her big brother..she wants sooo badly to do what he does.
hanna already learning to trust her big brother..not sure if thats a good or bad thing.
but, ty is a sweet, sweet big brother and wants her to do everything he does!..again, could be scary!
i now want video monitors in every room of the house. :)

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