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Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012...

Happy Easter....

Every year when Easter rolls around we head East to attend the annual Cunningham(dad's side) Family Reunion in Emory, TX.
When kids were born we started breaking the trip up and staying in abilene with my sister before heading to dallas the next day....midland to mesquite (where meme lives) is only around 5 hours but it's nice to break it up, especially when you are nursing! :)
so...when babies came in the picture and we stayed in abilene the next morning before heading to dallas we would stop at ACU's campus and take a few pictures in their pretty flowers..haha.
This year was no different...we got them dressed and bribed them (brady and ty) with little bunny cakes casey had gotten at McKay's Bakery (best bakery in town..yum-yum) and off we went to our easter pictures. Luckily, I had taken pictures of Hanna a week before because I just had a feeling I might not be able to get all 4 kiddos in compliance at once...and it's not that she wasn't acting was really her seemed terrible 2's kicked in that morning..goodness he was not excited about his picture being taken AT ALL!!! not even with the cake we kept mentioning...haha. but, he did let me get a few..finally!

Saturday we woke up and had Meme's easter egg hunt for the cousin Brandon and his little boy,Brayden, and brandon's girlfriend Kasey came's a tradition. Every easter before heading to the reunion meme always has her little easter egg hunt...and it stays true for our little ones...Ty did great and racked up the money...but, cousin brady found the golden egg ($5)....
After hunting at Meme's we all load up and head east again to Emory, TX, where the annual Cunningham Easter Reunion is. Meme is one of 10 kids and there are at least 5 generations there so you can imagine how big it is...lots of people. We mingle, have a potluck lunch, and then have a big easter egg hunt. It's a lot of fun.It was a lot of fun as a kid and getting to play with distant cousins and then hunt eggs...then part of the fun was gone when we got too old to hunt and you fought over which baby you were going to help hunt...but now that Ty is there it makes it a ton of fun to watch him. He and Brady did great this fact, brady won the award for most money found with over $8...must have been his year for the money... yes, we give awards...most eggs found, most money found, furthest distance traveled, oldest family member in attendace and youngest member...ty and hanna both got barely beat out each year on that award!
It's a great time and I am glad ty and hanna get to experience it..and travis too! haha.

Hope everyone had a great easter and remembered the reason behind the holiday! :)
God is GREAT and I am truly BLESSED!
I love my Family!

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