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Monday, April 23, 2012

A Day out with Thomas...

This past weekend we loaded up and headed East to Grapevine, TX where we spent Saturday morning with the all time favorite..Thomas the Train. Brady has loved trains since practically birth and Ty also enjoys when we heard about him being in Grapevine (which was when we were living with my parents) "mom-mom" immediately got tickets bc her grandsons definitely needed to go (haha)...the thought of her seeing brady and ty's excitment when they saw thomas made her act like a giddy school girl..she was so excited. Several months later, April 21st came around and it was time for our trip. We went to dallas friday (stopped in abilene and got the westmoreland family..ate at the Clyde pizza house..yum-yum) and then headed to grapevine...boys in dads truck and girls in mom expedition. ha! 
Saturday woke up and spent the morning with Thomas...we chose the 10:30 ride and got to the park at 9:30. 

Our first stop in the park was a picture with Sir Topemhat...Ty describes the picture as, "Ty scared..brady not scared..brady happy." haha..and yup, he nailed it! ha.

Then it was time for tattoos...surprisingly both boys choose Thomas' friend Percy for their tattoo.

 Boys mesmerized by their "stickers."
 Time to get on the Thomas Train...clearly, Hanna is super excited...haha.
 All aboard the Thomas Train.

 A conductor came to punch holes in the boys tickets.
 There was thomas music being played and crowd interactions...ty of course was all about the dancing..and sophi was too..she just jumped away.
 It was a good 20 minute train ride..the boys really enjoyed it...we went past the Great Wolf hotel and waterpark which Grandpa is super excited about taking the grandkids when they get older. haha.

 After our ride we took picutres with Thomas...and here Ty is telling him, "bye."
 Back to the activites....a Thomas bouncy house..Brady would have done that all day if we would have let him...ty on the other hand tried 3 times to go on it and declined...he did manage to go up 2 steps on the last attempt...haha. Where did mine and travis' kid get his timid attitude from??

 Loved coloring...and playing with the train tables.
 Last stop was to the gift shop where ty got a hat...which he rarely takes off...and out of all the thomas toys there (and there were TONS) he only wanted thomas binoculars aka "noc-u-ners." haha. Brady on the other hand made out with thomas train toys. Afterwards we stopped and got lunch and the boys got their Thomas Cookies mom-mom had made for them...which, obviously were a big hit...then we headed west and the  boys, and girls took naps! :) perfect morning. :)
It was a great time and the boys really enjoyed themselves. Sophi and Hanna seemed to enjoy it as well as they were perfect angels. 
Thanks mom-mom and grandpa for a wonderful trip...the boys loved it!

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  1. Next time y'all are "in the area", we want to see you!!!