Rollin' with the Roby's

Monday, April 30, 2012


This past weekend, well..starting Thursday, we packed up and headed to Katy for a fun-filled weekend with Travis' family. Me,Ty, Hanna and Cooper picked up Travis at the golf course about 3:00 and headed out. We stopped twice to feed Hanna and on top of that stopped several times on the side of the road for ty to tee-tee...there were some "crying wolf" moments when he really just wanted to get out of the carseat (I hope he doesn't remember that trick in school) but finally after our last stop Hanna crashed and I turned ty's movie off and he then crashed. We drove up to Gamy and Granddaddy's house about oh..11 or so..i really can't remember..haha..and ty went straight to his bed without waking up and hanna stayed up and played a bit. 
Friday we woke up and got to just lay-low and hangout (actually,travis and I went on a technology spree..and the grandparents watched the kiddos). About 3:00 we left the house to pick up nana (gigi to the kids) and granddaddy/great-granddaddy and headed out to The Aquarium restaurant in Houston. Ty loves fish and so Ty of course loved getting to eat his supper with his favorites. Plus, the food was good and the company was even better. We met Ashley and Brian there as well and we finally got to see little Addison who has come out to play. :) 

 Gigi with 2 of her 4 (almost 6) great-grandkids.

 After consuming mass amounts of seafood we went out to the little carnival they have outside the restaurant. Ty loves uncle brian road the fish carousel with Ty. 

Afterwards we found a fishing game. so ty and travis went fishing...

Hanna cheered them on...
And he caught one...and of course he wanted the big blow up "Nemo." haha.

It was a great time and a neat atmosphere.

Saturday...we woke up and was out the door at 8:15 to be at the Houston Zoo when it opened at 9:00..where we met ashley, brian and brian's sister, Shannon..
The Houston Zoo has web cams on some of the animals so Gamy showed Ty the night before and that morning and so ty was so excited to get there..(google...Houston and click on the web cams if your kiddos are into animals).
The Zoo Is huge and we knew ty wouldn't last too we got a map and found his favorites and went from there.

Hanna was just as excited to see the animals as well

First stop..ty's "favorite" the elephants.

Then the monkeys....
This zoo far surpasses the abilene zoo we are accustomed really is a super cool zoo..if i was an animal I'd request this zoo.

 Ty using Addison as a chair while checking out the rhino's.

 Oh, look...we found another carousel....travis' turn to ride with ty...although, I am not sure who had more fun..and as you can see, Ty choose the "Lion King" as his ride. yes, all lions are called "lion king." haha.

 Hanna enjoyed the Giraffe...
 Not sure what she was excited about..being at the zoo or being out of her carseat..haha..either way, she's our happy little girl.
 Found the children's petting zoo..but as always, ty likes animals from afar but not up close.
 Looking at the "fishies" with Shannon.
 our little rule breaker climbed under the yellow rope to drive the boat...must take after his daddy!
We lasted a couple of hours at the zoo before it was time to go...but, it really was a super cool zoo and it will be really fun when they get older and can last longer and see everything there. 

After the zoo, and a pit stop in the gift shop (granddaddy is a sucker for that..haha) the gang went to eat but Ty feel asleep in the car along the way so Travis and I got our food to go so we could go put our tired boy down for his nap.So, Shannon..if you are reading this I apologize we didn't get to say,"bye" to you! But, we had a great time seeing you! :)

Once back at the house and after nap time sweet McCain and Jennifer (and Sawyer) came to visit. Ty and McCain are 1 day apart so they play so well together. They played with a few toys and then decided it was, of course Hanna had to get her swimsuit on as well.
 While McCain loved the water and jumping in..Ty liked sitting on the side and kicking. haha.

How I didn't get a picture of McCain is beyond me..actually, now that I think about it I have some on my camera..need to download those. 
Jennifer brought Crystal beach shirts for ty and Hanna and while I have pictures of Ty and McCain sporting their beach shirts on my is one of Hanna in hers...

It was a great afternoon of Ty and McCain playing and a chance for Jenn,Travis and I to catch up. Jenn is due with Sawyer in July( or at least crossing our fingers the end of july and not beginning of august) and Ashley's baby, Addison will be here the end of more babies added to the family that will be super much fun!

that night we just hung out and got up sunday and had to leave for our trek home. We left at 9 and ty and hanna both feel asleep fast...they were both just worn out....we only had to stop once (it was a long stop) but at least just once. we held Hanna off until we got home to feed her again. so,we made pretty good time..considering. and Ty's tee-tee stops were not near as frequent. but, hey 2- 8 hour trips and no accidents....i'd say that's pretty good! 
Today they both are going on 3 hour naps...WHICH NEVER HAPPENS..I kinda don't know what to do! haha. but, then again, I have plenty to

Hope everyone had a great weekend as well.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

1/2 Birthday...

Today is my sweet little Hanna's 6 month birthday...she celbrated her 1/2 birthday by traveling back home from Katy...i'm sure she is hoping for a better 1 year birthday....but, lets not rush that! 

At 6 months....Hanna....
Is a super happy baby...cries when she is hungry or tired...some days the teething gets the best of her but..hey, she is allowed to fuss about that. 

She is not a big fan of her carseat right now. she sometimes fights getting in but will calm down eventually. 

LOVES her food...eats everything but seems to get the sweet tooth gene from her parents and really enjoys her fruit. 

She is in size 2 diapers and 6-9 month clothes...
We go to the dr on tuesday to see how she is TBD. 

she laughs very often and it is the cutest thing...i love seeing her laugh..and it's usually at her silly brother...and seeing them play together is the cutest thing and just makes me smile. 

still no teeth yet but she could be in any wet t-shirt contest..not that i am advocating that...but she wouldn't even need to be sprayed down..her drool would take care of that. 

She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to jump and bounce...she's going to be our little tumbler. she is jumping constantly..think goodness for her jumper or my arms would be super tired. 

She lets you know what she is thinking and talks away

She is finally sleeping through the night...YAY...

she really is a happy and healthy baby and I am sooo blessed to have her as my little girl. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

slithering snakes yes, I grew up in the country with 3 acres of land and only 1 1/2-2 being lived on..meaning..the remaining were fields. We had a pool and a very large garden which are snakes favorite and water. Until one year my dad tilled up the garden, unbeknownst to my mother...haha..she was not too happy but snakes were thought to hang out there.  I also never had an ounce of fear of snakes growing fact, I would try to find and catch them...which was my mothers biggest fear. Not from the fact that I would bring them home and she hates them but for the fact, that I would mistake a baby rattler (having no rattles) for another non-poisonous snake.  and, we all know, baby rattlers are the most dangerous. Still...that didn't scare me..i was invincible..or so I thought...luckily, I never encountered any. Also, growing up I got annoyed with my parents that I wasn't allowed to walk to my friends house (before cars) once the sun went down or play the ultimate "spot light"..which was basically hide and go seek with a spot light..haha. anyways, not until I was in junior high and had a 4-wheeler was I allowed to play...and still the nights were slim that I actually got to play...why? bc my parents knew snakes favorite spots at night were on the warm graveled roads...they didn't want us to play hide and seek with snakes. Of course, then I didn't like it but now that I am older and wiser(haha) I completely understand. 
Jump ahead to present that it is warmer and snake hibernation is over there has been several reports of snakes coming out...grrrr.
My once "invincible" attitude has turned into a super scared attitude...not for myself..although, don't get me wrong, I definitely don't want to come across any..but, I fear for my precious children..I, definitely DO NOT want Ty or Hanna to come in contact with one. 
Since we have a lot of open fields around us and our sub-division is about to start expanding more..that means the snake dens are more than likely to get "interrupted." that is what scares me. We always keep our garage door shut to keep them out and with water restrictions we don't have water at their disposal..but they still might enjoy our house but I hope they never find it. 
So....with all that being said, I had a discussion with Ty today about went like this...

Me: Ty, what do you do if you see a snake
Ty: a snake go like this, "sss"
me: yes, they do...but, if you see one you don't touch it and you run really fast and tell mommy and daddy
Ty: I touch it.
Me: NO, you don't touch it..snakes are very bad and yucky
Ty: I step on it?
Me: NO, you don't step on run really fast away from the snake
Ty: old mcdonald had a farm..e-i-e-i-o..on farm had a snake..sss here sss there...etc
Me: NO, no snakes on your farm...snakes are bad...we do not touch them.
Ty: I run really fast like this (and he proceeds to run away).
Me: yes, run really fast like that
I thought..I am not quite sure my message got across to him.

Later, after nap, I asked again..
me: Ty, what do you do if you see a snake
Ty: I touch it..
me: NO, ty, you do not touch snakes...they are bad
ty; I no touch it mommy.

Oh dear. 

and to make my fear of snakes even greater, today while I was telling my sister my concerns she starts laughing and I say, "what is so funny." Well, she received a news alert from her local news (in abilene) and during our snake conversation a news alert notified her phone that a lady was bit by a rattler...are you serious. The news totally blew it out of proportion and said the ambulance..etc where there and the lady was fully, abilene could kinda be the modern day mayberry! haha. typically, you hear of accidents, murders..things to that extent..but, today it was snake bite...haha.
Oh, and before that...I never get to watch tv..well, let me restate that...If the tv is is on a show ty likes...not that he watches it but it's on. however, I LOVE the Ellen Show... cracks me up and here it comes on at there are days I can watch it while ty eats...I haven't been able to watch it in awhile but I turned it on today...and what did the show start with...I kid you not...a story of how she found snakes in her California!! REally...there are snake stories everywhere...lets just say, I am not wanting any of us to venture outside..haha! plus, it's 102 here hot!
so..everyone be careful out there!

Monday, April 23, 2012

A Day out with Thomas...

This past weekend we loaded up and headed East to Grapevine, TX where we spent Saturday morning with the all time favorite..Thomas the Train. Brady has loved trains since practically birth and Ty also enjoys when we heard about him being in Grapevine (which was when we were living with my parents) "mom-mom" immediately got tickets bc her grandsons definitely needed to go (haha)...the thought of her seeing brady and ty's excitment when they saw thomas made her act like a giddy school girl..she was so excited. Several months later, April 21st came around and it was time for our trip. We went to dallas friday (stopped in abilene and got the westmoreland family..ate at the Clyde pizza house..yum-yum) and then headed to grapevine...boys in dads truck and girls in mom expedition. ha! 
Saturday woke up and spent the morning with Thomas...we chose the 10:30 ride and got to the park at 9:30. 

Our first stop in the park was a picture with Sir Topemhat...Ty describes the picture as, "Ty scared..brady not scared..brady happy." haha..and yup, he nailed it! ha.

Then it was time for tattoos...surprisingly both boys choose Thomas' friend Percy for their tattoo.

 Boys mesmerized by their "stickers."
 Time to get on the Thomas Train...clearly, Hanna is super excited...haha.
 All aboard the Thomas Train.

 A conductor came to punch holes in the boys tickets.
 There was thomas music being played and crowd interactions...ty of course was all about the dancing..and sophi was too..she just jumped away.
 It was a good 20 minute train ride..the boys really enjoyed it...we went past the Great Wolf hotel and waterpark which Grandpa is super excited about taking the grandkids when they get older. haha.

 After our ride we took picutres with Thomas...and here Ty is telling him, "bye."
 Back to the activites....a Thomas bouncy house..Brady would have done that all day if we would have let him...ty on the other hand tried 3 times to go on it and declined...he did manage to go up 2 steps on the last attempt...haha. Where did mine and travis' kid get his timid attitude from??

 Loved coloring...and playing with the train tables.
 Last stop was to the gift shop where ty got a hat...which he rarely takes off...and out of all the thomas toys there (and there were TONS) he only wanted thomas binoculars aka "noc-u-ners." haha. Brady on the other hand made out with thomas train toys. Afterwards we stopped and got lunch and the boys got their Thomas Cookies mom-mom had made for them...which, obviously were a big hit...then we headed west and the  boys, and girls took naps! :) perfect morning. :)
It was a great time and the boys really enjoyed themselves. Sophi and Hanna seemed to enjoy it as well as they were perfect angels. 
Thanks mom-mom and grandpa for a wonderful trip...the boys loved it!