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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy birthday, Trav!

Today Travis turned 29...the last year before the big 3-0! (obviously..haha). If you know Travis you know he loves you ask how we celebrated??? We had his favorite foods! Since pizza is his all-time favorite we fixed him up! Ty and I (hanna was asleep)woke him up in bed with a wonderful breakfast pizza.

because the day here in midland was gorgeous he could no longer sit at his desk in his office (imagine that..haha) so he took the afternoon off to play golf. But, since it was such a last minute decision, on a wednesday, he decided nobody would be able to play and asked of I would ride in the cart with him. Luckily, my mom came to the rescue and was able to watch Ty and Travis and I had a wonderful few hours at the golf course...I was his "caddy." being his caddy I gave him my 2 of course that's why he played great! Hahaha! It had nothing to do with the new set of irons, putter and a hybrid club he got for his birthday! Haha. I told him with all these new clubs he better make it on the PGA be on the lookout..landman turned professional golfer. Lol!
Ty's favorite part of his daddy's birthday is a toss up between the balloons and the cake! :) ty has been so excited to celebrate his "daddy's b-urf-day party."
For dinner we made his birthday dinner request...homemade BBQ chicken pizza! We hadn't made that in a long time and it was great! After getting the kids down we are now doing his other favorite thing..laying on the couch eating cake! Lol!
Cheers to Travis and another great year the Lord has blessed me with knowing/married to him!
Love you Trav!

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  1. The picture of Ty holding onto Hanna's little arm? I die!! So precious.