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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Chow time...

On Wednesday I gave hanna her first experience of spoon fed food..the good ole' super bland rice cereal! She actually did really well...not as much ended up on her as I expected! We practice daily and now she's pretty much got the hang of it. However, she really doesn't care for it unless it has my milk mixed in with it vs just water! Ha! I'm pretty sure she's going to love food just like her big brother, mommy and daddy! Haha! And of course, Ty was right there helping her along..wiping her mouth when she needed it! Haha..

On another note...hanna is the queen hoodini (sp?). with all her kicking at night she always manages to kick a leg or both out of her Jammies. It never fails...I re-snap her Jammies several times a night! Silly girl!

Have a great weekend!:)

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