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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Today we had Hanna's 4 month check-up and Ty's 2 year check-up! Both are still healthy, growing kiddos! Hanna weighed in at 14 lbs...gaining 2 lbs in 2 months..and 24" long. Long and lean girl!
Big brother Ty was 36" and 29 lbs.
let me back track on Ty...see, there is this myth if you double your height at 2 years that will be the heighth you are once you stop growing...ever since Ty was born and Travis heard that myth he has desperately tried to get Ty to grow and meet the 36" he was measured this morning and it said, 36" I laughed out loud and then told the dr why! Lol! And, as figured..when I told Travis he was so little boy, just keep growing. The dr seemed to think, based on inches and his percentile ( 86%) he'll at least be 6 foot if not taller...only time will tell! Lol.
Anyways, the most important thing is they are both healthy!
Although I forgot to mention to the dr...I will start miss Hanna on rice cereal..ummm..probably today. I have a feeling she'll like it! Maybe it'll even get her to sleep longer at night...hmm! Wouldn't that be nice!
Funny things about our sweet hanna. When she eats/sleeps in my arms she'll always put her hand under my shirt strap. She loves to hold into something. At night she sleeps with her little elephant blanket since she can grab ahold of it. It's pretty precious! She also has a birth mark on top of her head...which is making that spot grow her hair darker..a natural low-light. Haha. She has the cutest laugh and is the sweetest baby!

Ty is still, as he'll say, "cracking you up." lol! He is so funny and the things he remembers or as he says, "member" is crazy! He is extremely into golf right now and we have horses by our house which he constantly asks if we can go pet..sorry duckies, looks like you've been re-placed. Haha! But, don't worry he still loves you too!

Oh, and on a completely different, my sister sent me a text last night of her broom standing upright by itself..she told me about the science behind it..but, I wasn't paying the most attention I was just seeing if my broom was just as smart! of course it, before heading back upstairs I left the broom standing in the kitchen for Travis to find. When it was bedtime and travis and I came downstairs I intentionally went to the kitchen so he'd follow in hopes he'd see the broom..well...after seriously almost running into it several times without him realizing it he finally saw it..creeped him out and he made me put it away! Lol! It was so funny. So, if you are looking for a good trick go put your broom in your kitchen, leave it there and let your husband be amazed! Lol! I tried it in the Laundry room and it didn't work..but, the kitchen did the trick. :)

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  1. Love the picture of Travis staring at the broom. And love seeing the pics of your sweet kiddos!