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Thursday, March 29, 2012

5 months...

Sweet Hanna is 5 months. Wow..hard to believe!
She has the cutest, biggest smile and loves to show off.
She is still trying hard to stay upright while sitting up...I think it'll be any day.
She is at the age where she is super curious and wants to see what is going all times. Therefore, she pretty much only likes to be carried facing forward...yes, we are old enough to be held on the hip! Yay!
She is super ticklish under her chin and on the top of her thighs...and her laugh is so cute.
She is sleeping longer at night and that makes me soo happy, haha!
She has loved all her baby food so bad/sour faces yet.
Teething is still getting the best of her and no pearly whites yet.
She is just doing great and a happy, happy baby! We love her so much and the smiles she not only brings to us but to those who look at her while we are out and about!

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