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Thursday, March 29, 2012

5 months...

Sweet Hanna is 5 months. Wow..hard to believe!
She has the cutest, biggest smile and loves to show off.
She is still trying hard to stay upright while sitting up...I think it'll be any day.
She is at the age where she is super curious and wants to see what is going all times. Therefore, she pretty much only likes to be carried facing forward...yes, we are old enough to be held on the hip! Yay!
She is super ticklish under her chin and on the top of her thighs...and her laugh is so cute.
She is sleeping longer at night and that makes me soo happy, haha!
She has loved all her baby food so bad/sour faces yet.
Teething is still getting the best of her and no pearly whites yet.
She is just doing great and a happy, happy baby! We love her so much and the smiles she not only brings to us but to those who look at her while we are out and about!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Tee-tee and Ty baby!

So...we have officially stated the potty training business! (While we were living with my parents they had a potty for cousin Brady and Ty would sit on it with no problem...nothing would ever come out and I was not trying to really potty train him then but I thought when the time came he at least wouldn't be scared. Well...once we moved in and we kinda started introducing it he tripped over his frog potty and wouldn't get back on it! Bummer! So, it was put on hold. was beautiful here on Thursday so I let Ty go diaper-less in the yard...of course, he had to bring his potty outside. Well, he tried several times but nothing came out..poor thing. He did however finally tee-tee in the grass..and was so proud! Haha. But, at least we hurdled the "scary potty" thought. Later that night he asked for his car pull-ups vs his diaper...but no more potty attempts. This morning we tried again and like every other time..he'd sit there but no results. Again today, it is absolutely gorgeous after our errands and nap Ty is again outside diaper less. And, to make a long story short...he has gone tee-tee several times. Yay! But, he's more excited about flushing than he is about his m&m reward. But, at the rate he is tee-teeing I am going to through a bag of m&m's daily and our water bill is going to be through the roof(thanks to midland's water rates with the restriction).so, although he still gets an m&m each time..we now dump his tee-tee in the grass! Lol! Maybe this is a start of no more diapers..that would be marvelous...but then again, sometimes diapers are easier! Lol. And the potty training is exhausting since he wants me to watch him potty each time! Haha! We will see how long his excitement lasts!
On another note...last night we almost had to say goodbye to our sons best friend...Snuggie! He was lost and nowhere to be found. Ty, amazingly, went down without any issues..shocking to Trav and I. If you know about Snuggie you now how attached Ty is to him! I was having a harder time with it than He was. I was determined to find him bc my heart seriously hurt for him...I knew he was currently fine but I knew come morning time he'd be asking for him! Well...I finally found him in the bottom of Hanna's toy basket! Phew..I could sleep now! Haha! I know you might be thinkging...this was your big break in weaning him from Snuggie...but, it's hard to let him go when you know how much Ty lives him..,I mean, he gets fed, bathed, plays...etc etc...he's basically our 3rd child! Instead of giving him Snuggie in bed I kept him..and, like I invisioned when Ty came into our room this morning instead of saying, "mommy..up"(to get in bed) he said," mommy, where's Snuggie?" of course, I handed him over bc I have been up with Hanna at all hours of the night all week and was to exhausted to fight the Snuggie, I handed him over and they were reunited! :)
Oh, and the other part of the post title.."Ty baby." I have always called Ty, "Ty baby" since he was born! Along with other people! But, all of a sudden this week he has referred to himself as "Ty baby." "Ty baby need hot dog"(which he'll only eat a hot dig in his grill..refuses to sit at the table!) haha! "I get snack for Ty baby." lol. It's funny..especially when he says it in public! He also has started calling Hanna, "pretty girl" all the time. "i'm coming pretty girl." He's a great big brother and definitely keeps us laughing and entertained! Well, gotta Ty "needs me." haha.
Have a great weekend!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy birthday, Brady

This day, 3 years ago, around 8:00am my first nephew, Brady cole was born. Not only was he my first nephew but the first baby in the family! The whole family was so, super excited to meet forward to three years and we have learned our Brady bear is not only sweet but smart, polite, hilarious, imaginative, and a great big brother and cousin. Loves trains(especially Thomas) cars and is extremely smart. Although he is double the heighth of most kids his age (wears 5T clothes and size 11-12 shoes)he's our gentle bear and wouldn't hurt a fly.
We celebrated his birthday this past weekend by going to the zoo and the awesome playground..of course, like everytime we go to the Abilene zoo, the train wasn't working..but, we are going to ride Thomas the Train In a few weeks and Brady will love that better! Haha! After the zoo, and nap time, we had "sprinkle cupcakes" and opened presents. Brady had a great day and we were glad we could be there to help celebrate his life! As Ty says, "I have fun Brady bears house." :) those little boys love each other and call each other their "best friend" and it warms my heart!
Happy birthday, Brady bear.

And, of course, I can't leave their house without taking their here is Brady Cole at 3 and Sophia Grace at almost 10 months. :) I love being a mommy but being an aunt is so much fun as well!


I heard about this story from and it completely touched my heart.
1) being a NICU nurse is a passion of mine...It was a profession I wanted to do from high school did it for 3 years and then became a mom and was able to be a stay at home mom which brings me to my next point...2) I am a mom!
Therefore, this story touched my heart in several different a nurse and as a mom! Since it is Ty's nap time and Hanna is playing in her jumper I was able to read this blog and catch up on "Thatcher's Story." It brought tears to my eyes and chills on my skin. Upon my reading I learned that before sweet Thatcher was even born his mommy and daddy wanted him to be a light of God and to use him as a tool to spread the word of God..therefore, I am spreading his news.
Please pray for baby Thatcher, his parents, family and the numerous medical dr.'s in his line of care. Pray for Thatcher's brain activity including all organs to improve and "shock the dr's." Pray for strength of the parents as this is an extremely tough situation. If you have time read his story at
As we all know, and I have witnesses as a NICU nurse, God is in control and can move mountains and perform their story says,
"Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever! Amen. - Ephesians 3:20-21

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sweet babies

In the past week/few days...

Hanna has experienced..rice cereal with applesauce...loved that. Green beans...loved that...and carrots...again...loved that. She had a whole jar of stage 2 carrots in one sitting...our little girl was stuffed.

She has also shown us that she is going to be a gymnast/cheerleader with her flexibility. yes, she has begun putting her toes in her mouth...yuck hanna!

Travis went golfing (again..haha) on friday and found a good luck club in his bag! haha. Appears Ty wanted his daddy to play with his club.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! We enjoyed the day by celebrating Brady's 3rd birthday party and going to the Zoo.

Cousin Brady got a new house for his birthday and Ty was in charge of the roof while brady fixed his "gate."

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy birthday, Trav!

Today Travis turned 29...the last year before the big 3-0! (obviously..haha). If you know Travis you know he loves you ask how we celebrated??? We had his favorite foods! Since pizza is his all-time favorite we fixed him up! Ty and I (hanna was asleep)woke him up in bed with a wonderful breakfast pizza.

because the day here in midland was gorgeous he could no longer sit at his desk in his office (imagine that..haha) so he took the afternoon off to play golf. But, since it was such a last minute decision, on a wednesday, he decided nobody would be able to play and asked of I would ride in the cart with him. Luckily, my mom came to the rescue and was able to watch Ty and Travis and I had a wonderful few hours at the golf course...I was his "caddy." being his caddy I gave him my 2 of course that's why he played great! Hahaha! It had nothing to do with the new set of irons, putter and a hybrid club he got for his birthday! Haha. I told him with all these new clubs he better make it on the PGA be on the lookout..landman turned professional golfer. Lol!
Ty's favorite part of his daddy's birthday is a toss up between the balloons and the cake! :) ty has been so excited to celebrate his "daddy's b-urf-day party."
For dinner we made his birthday dinner request...homemade BBQ chicken pizza! We hadn't made that in a long time and it was great! After getting the kids down we are now doing his other favorite thing..laying on the couch eating cake! Lol!
Cheers to Travis and another great year the Lord has blessed me with knowing/married to him!
Love you Trav!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Chow time...

On Wednesday I gave hanna her first experience of spoon fed food..the good ole' super bland rice cereal! She actually did really well...not as much ended up on her as I expected! We practice daily and now she's pretty much got the hang of it. However, she really doesn't care for it unless it has my milk mixed in with it vs just water! Ha! I'm pretty sure she's going to love food just like her big brother, mommy and daddy! Haha! And of course, Ty was right there helping her along..wiping her mouth when she needed it! Haha..

On another note...hanna is the queen hoodini (sp?). with all her kicking at night she always manages to kick a leg or both out of her Jammies. It never fails...I re-snap her Jammies several times a night! Silly girl!

Have a great weekend!:)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Today we had Hanna's 4 month check-up and Ty's 2 year check-up! Both are still healthy, growing kiddos! Hanna weighed in at 14 lbs...gaining 2 lbs in 2 months..and 24" long. Long and lean girl!
Big brother Ty was 36" and 29 lbs.
let me back track on Ty...see, there is this myth if you double your height at 2 years that will be the heighth you are once you stop growing...ever since Ty was born and Travis heard that myth he has desperately tried to get Ty to grow and meet the 36" he was measured this morning and it said, 36" I laughed out loud and then told the dr why! Lol! And, as figured..when I told Travis he was so little boy, just keep growing. The dr seemed to think, based on inches and his percentile ( 86%) he'll at least be 6 foot if not taller...only time will tell! Lol.
Anyways, the most important thing is they are both healthy!
Although I forgot to mention to the dr...I will start miss Hanna on rice cereal..ummm..probably today. I have a feeling she'll like it! Maybe it'll even get her to sleep longer at night...hmm! Wouldn't that be nice!
Funny things about our sweet hanna. When she eats/sleeps in my arms she'll always put her hand under my shirt strap. She loves to hold into something. At night she sleeps with her little elephant blanket since she can grab ahold of it. It's pretty precious! She also has a birth mark on top of her head...which is making that spot grow her hair darker..a natural low-light. Haha. She has the cutest laugh and is the sweetest baby!

Ty is still, as he'll say, "cracking you up." lol! He is so funny and the things he remembers or as he says, "member" is crazy! He is extremely into golf right now and we have horses by our house which he constantly asks if we can go pet..sorry duckies, looks like you've been re-placed. Haha! But, don't worry he still loves you too!

Oh, and on a completely different, my sister sent me a text last night of her broom standing upright by itself..she told me about the science behind it..but, I wasn't paying the most attention I was just seeing if my broom was just as smart! of course it, before heading back upstairs I left the broom standing in the kitchen for Travis to find. When it was bedtime and travis and I came downstairs I intentionally went to the kitchen so he'd follow in hopes he'd see the broom..well...after seriously almost running into it several times without him realizing it he finally saw it..creeped him out and he made me put it away! Lol! It was so funny. So, if you are looking for a good trick go put your broom in your kitchen, leave it there and let your husband be amazed! Lol! I tried it in the Laundry room and it didn't work..but, the kitchen did the trick. :)