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Monday, February 27, 2012

Ty is 2...

We had Ty's 2nd birthday party 2 weeks ago now...yes, I am a little late on the post..ha!
Ty LOVES Mickey mouse and his we decided to have a "mickey party." Ty was sooo excited about it...we had it at our church gym and in order to take up some space and provide more entertainment we rented a bouncy house...Ty hated it..everyone else loved The basketball goal was a hit for

Ty as well as the wonderful MICKEY MOUSE who attended. We were kinda skeptical at first to bring in mickey bc we didn't want to scare any kids but after much contemplation we decided.
..why not..we'll just see how they respond we were shockingly surprised how w
ell all the kids actually liked seeing mickey...especially Ty...he was so excited Mickey came to his birthday party and told him when he first saw him..."hi mickey,come to my mickey party." lol. Our wonderful and

dear friend, Frankie, allowed mickey to be in attendance..and we can't thank him enough...although they did mention they already know their kids will like peter pan..haha...paybacks! lol. We let mickey leave the party about 30 minutes in so our friend could get out of costume...but, not before everybody got their picture taken with him. Frankie wa
s a great was burn an hour and half of their saturday morning to appease our 2 year old....THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Ty was apparently soooo excited about his "Mickey Party" that he woke up super early...5:00 or so and therefore, needed a nap before the party ended...but, he managed to hold it together and crashed before we could even leave the parking lot. :) but, he had a great time and it made us so happy to see him so happy...he still talks about it! :)

After kids took naps the rest of the parents, sister, brady,sophi and meme came to "ty's house" to play with gamy, granddaddy and aunt ashy-uncle b-ian and eat was a fun-filled,celebrate ty day!

On Ty's real birthday(saturday) we woke up and had mickey pancakes..played..ate dinosaur chicken nuggets with mac-n-cheese...ty tried to get out of a nap claiming.."no, it's my birf-day."..afterwards went to toys r us to cash in a gift card cousin McCain so graciously gave him (thanks McCain)..came home with a donald duck (to go with his mickey collection) and golf clubs...which he plays with constantly. We had an early dinner at the wonderful establishment of Mr. Gatti's. Blake, Kasey and Hallie accompanied us and although Ty had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed himself...we as parents were not too impressed...about 85% of the games were not working...just ask Kasey about it...she expressed her concerns to the BBB!!! and that's why we love her! :)
I know ty had a GREAT 2nd birthday and we thank everyone who came to celebrate
, call, text and facebook him a happy was a success. he still tries to pull the birthday card! haha...he's a smart little boy!

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