Rollin' with the Roby's

Monday, February 13, 2012

She is a Roller...

Let's see...this past Thursday little Hanna decided she wanted to roll over! Caught me by surprise when I left her on her back and left the room..came back to her crying and on her belly. I was not exactly shocked to find her that way bc she had been trying hard for awhile to fully turn, she hates tummy time and it was no surprise she was crying due to being on her belly. Nevertheless, I was happy for her new 3 months. The other night while She was sleeping in her bed she had rolled over and I think she woke up bc of it...which made me think she will not be like her daddy and sleep on her belly....but, tonight she flipped over and is still sacked, she might have proved me wrong! I don't care how she sleeps just as long as she does! Lol! Maybe this will make tummy time a little more bearable. Ha? And, her little, chubby legs are constantly on the go(have since being incubated) and she constantly is trying to sit up. Today while ty and i were making valentine treats she was in her bumbo on the kitchen floor..i ended up having to pick her up bc she just about pushed her way out of it trying to stand up!!..
Love my little girl so much.

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