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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Life of Ty...

As I was looking through my pictures on my phone tonight I had a few that made me, I thought I'd share. I have a funny little boy who constantly makes us laugh is what Ty Roby did today.
First, he woke up came to our bed..asked for Mickey and "milk and brea-fast" that's a daily occurrence..although the time varies). Finally, it was time for me to get up and we go into the den and he talked to Hanna and gave snuggy(his lovie) a After getting Hanna dressed it was his turn..then he wanted to read books in bed...which books you ask, well, the musical book that sings," we wish you a merry Christmas." haha, after repeating "happy new year, mommy" and "happy new year, Hanna." a few dozen times he finally decided to move on. While helping me get dressed it was his turn to put on his "con-act." put on his lotion and "do my hair." after smelling like Japanese cherry blossom lotion he was finally all finished..oh, but while I was still getting ready he managed to scarf down 2 bowls of applesauce. He sat on the potty for a good 30 minutes..we read about 5 books, worked in colors and counting..he cheered for mommy after I went potty but poor baby..nothing ever came out..and we were both done. Dadfy came home for lunch and we went on our daily lunch walk. He "walked" copper but from a very long distance. He likes copper but only from afar. Haha. Ate a good lunch(tuna sandwich) then it was nap time. Woke up earlier than he should have and we made cupcakes to take to his class in honor of his birthday on Saturday...therefore, he got to eat some batter...chocolate was everywhere on him.,cleaned his shirt..put a new, clean shirt on. Went to a friends house with me to discuss bridesmaids dresses..played with antique cars while Came home helped mommy fix dinner( spilled food everywhere) ate a great supper then got to try a cupcake. Made mommy and daddy hamburgers and hotdogs..finally it was bedtime. and I guess the cupcake hit a sugar spot and he sang, talked and bounced around in his bed until finally,he's a funny, funny boy and brings so much joy into our lives..just thought I'd share a typical day in his world! :)

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