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Saturday, February 4, 2012

It's the simple things...

We are loving our new house..but, I have to admit some of my favorite qualities of the house are the simple things in life...such as..the beautiful west Texas sunsets we see daily out our front porch and the fact that we sit at the table and eat as a family of 4! I just love it. Copper seems to enjoy his new dog run/kennel and the fact he can run for miles out our back door! Plus, the hanging out in mommy and daddy's bed is fun too! Ty has been so excited about the house he wakes up super early these days(haha)..then he climbs into bed with Trav and I.
Ty knows the house very well,(probably bc we came here everyday for the past 6 months..haha). in fact, one day he went and got his stool from his room..brought it into the pantry and helped himself to a snack...then asked me to leave his stool there. Haha.. Guess he was planning on going back for more later! Lol.
We are still arranging and decorating..tearing down boxes and getting organized but it is coming together..and I can't wait to be finished! :)
Hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoy the simple things in life!:)

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