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Friday, February 10, 2012

Chef Boy-"R"oby

I love cooking/baking with Ty...he loves it too but mainly bc he's learned that batter is delicious! Ha! I really want to get him
A cute apron but travis has vetoed that thing I have hanna! Haha! However, Ty does love to stir, and as he calls it "dump" in the ingredients.
I am a huge fan of pinterest's food and drink section and have made numerous recipes from, when I saw the pb chocolate surprise cookies i had to try them as it had Travis Roby written all over them. they definitely didn't dissapoint. Absolutely delicious! Ty was in charge of counting the rolled cookies and placing them into the baking sheet..which he did in a "caterpillar" formation. Haha! They are learning about them at MDO. Hey, at least I know he's paying attention! Haha!
Today we made heart shaped sugar cookies..I only had a large heart cookie cutter so he made himself a rather large cookie...haha, oh well! He cut it, I put it in the oven and after it cooled he got to decorate it..he chose pink (over red) icing and red sprinkles! Didn't he do a beautiful job! Haha! Then he proceeded to eat it...but, I only let him
Have a few bites considering it wasn't even lunch time yet when it was finished..but, don't worry after his nap and throughout the afternoon he managed to polish it off!
Love my little boy!

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