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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

4 months...

Our Sweet baby, Hanna is 4 months old today! It's funny because awhile back I had asked Travis how we would determine her 4 month birthday since February only has 28 days...then we realized it was a Leap year...phew, made it easy on, happy 4 month birthday Hanna James Roby!
I love this age/stage because she is constantly doing more and more and understanding her surroundings. She plays more with her toys by acting like they are a boxing punching bag or using her feet to kick like she is in swim lessons! We say Ty is active but she might hold the candle! haha. She is constantly flailing her extremities. She has the rolling over thing down and is seriously trying her hardest to sit up from a laying down in a sit up. I feel so bad for her because she tries and tries. probably to see what her big brother is up too..but,...I have to remind her that she has a long way to go until she fully sits up...shoot, i haven't done a sit up in so long who knows If I can still do one..haha. Our little girl is also about to sprout a tooth...possibly 2. both middle bottom and one to the left of it...yes,that's right..typically you get the middle lowers in far it seems she'll "surprise us again," She hasn't quite got the hang of a chew toy... I try to give her some to help ease the pain but she thinks if something is in her mouth she needs to suck, which in turn, should produce milk..haha...sooo...we are still working on learning there are such things called "chew" toys. however, she is getting much better at chewing and will allow a few toys to be in her mouth...for now her fist does the trick.
She still wakes up every 3-4 hours at night to eat...but, has learned to comply with our nightly routine we have her on and now is in bed by 7:30 (same as big brothers).
She is such a sweet, sweet baby and I just love her so much. There are times when I just sit and hold her while she sleeps because...well, I just love to look at her. ha!
She has the biggest smile and loves to's pretty precious when she and ty "talk: and how long their conversations last...can't wait to hear what their convo's when they both can actually talk. :) but, I am not rushing anything..i love having my baby girl...and my toddler boy! :)
almost has the sitting thing down..just needs a little support.
her new face due to teething.

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