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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday...

Today, like everyday, I am extremely grateful and thankful for my parents. They have always loved and supported me in all I have done and still do! Travis and I are so lucky to have them allow us to stay in their home for the past 6 months! But, as our days as one big happy family are getting to the end..we close on our house Tuesday..and are soooo excited! It's finally finished! :) we have been contemplating ways to thank my parents for letting us stay at their house, allowing Ty's toys to be everywhere...having a newborn come home to their house..and the joys of that...but, there really isn't away to say thank you enough! I know Ty is going to miss the attention he receives from
Mom-mom and grandpa everyday and Hanna will miss falling asleep in the chair with mom-mom on a nightly basis...but, I guarantee the grandparents will miss it more! Ha! But, I'm sure they'll enjoy having their house back in order and a little peace and quite..but then again, they'll miss their daily entertainment! Lol! Back ti the empty-nester category! Haha! We've had a wonderful stay at the Lankford Inn...but, Tuesday it's time to leave! We'll actually..probably Thursday once our bed and Ty's new big boy bed arrives and he has a place to sleep! :) thanks again mom and dad for allowing us to stay with y'all! We love yall! :)

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