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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

3 months...

Our sweet, Hanna is 3 months!

Although she turned 3 months on the 29th...I have not had Internet connection until spread the news. So, here it is now!

Hanna is such a wonderful baby..and a cuddler! Yes, the girl loves to be HELD AT ALL TIMES...which I would love to sit and do but when a) I am moving b) have another one to tend etc. makes it difficult...but, I do love our cuddle time!
She is finally getting accustomed to her big girl bed, the crib, and tries her hardest to stay asleep when put down (after she is fast's amazing how she knows she is out of ones arms..haha). However, while unpacking our boxes I pretty much had to carry her in the sling all day, everyday, or I would have gotten zero, zilch, nada accomplished! haha.
However, when she isn't wanting to be held she does enjoy playing on her mat or in her jumper...but don't kid isn't for long. haha.
I love her and her chubby cheeks so much.

she loves to smile and laugh...especially at Ty. I could watch her do it all day. She is also quite the little talker...babbles constantly...and drooling is her newest thing.
She has a cold right now and it's hard to hear her cough so much but, the dr. is full for the next few days so we are doing OTC meds right now..hopefully they'll kick in for her! It's not fun when your babies are sick(and I have 2 sick right now) blah!
Hanna is a great baby and we love her so much!

This is the look we get when she sees you but you are not holding her..haha.

poor hanna looks scared to death....haha.

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