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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2 months

Today Hanna had her two month checkup...bc of the holidays we had to schedule 2 weeks after her real 2 month birthday. Anyways, our little porker...excuse me, our little very healthy! She gained 5 lbs in a month putting her at 13 lbs 2 oz and gained 3" making her 23" long! She is just doing great! Still hates tummy time but holds her head up great..she would rather sit and stand than lay on her belly. She's going to love her bouncy chair thing since she loves to jump! Laughs everytime you help her jump. .it's pretty cute. She is wearing 3 month clothes and is on the last of size 1 diapers..size 2 here she comes! Loves to smile, laugh and she can carry on quite the conversation. She absolutely hated her she was hungry so that didn't help. you would think she's be a tough girl considering how much her big brother accidentally falls on her, squishes her..etc, etc but nope.! Ha! And, although her monstrosity of sparkly star stickers were very pretty I'm pretty sure she could care less! Haha.
Everything looked great and she's one healthy little girl!:)

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