Rollin' with the Roby's

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

3 months...

Our sweet, Hanna is 3 months!

Although she turned 3 months on the 29th...I have not had Internet connection until spread the news. So, here it is now!

Hanna is such a wonderful baby..and a cuddler! Yes, the girl loves to be HELD AT ALL TIMES...which I would love to sit and do but when a) I am moving b) have another one to tend etc. makes it difficult...but, I do love our cuddle time!
She is finally getting accustomed to her big girl bed, the crib, and tries her hardest to stay asleep when put down (after she is fast's amazing how she knows she is out of ones arms..haha). However, while unpacking our boxes I pretty much had to carry her in the sling all day, everyday, or I would have gotten zero, zilch, nada accomplished! haha.
However, when she isn't wanting to be held she does enjoy playing on her mat or in her jumper...but don't kid isn't for long. haha.
I love her and her chubby cheeks so much.

she loves to smile and laugh...especially at Ty. I could watch her do it all day. She is also quite the little talker...babbles constantly...and drooling is her newest thing.
She has a cold right now and it's hard to hear her cough so much but, the dr. is full for the next few days so we are doing OTC meds right now..hopefully they'll kick in for her! It's not fun when your babies are sick(and I have 2 sick right now) blah!
Hanna is a great baby and we love her so much!

This is the look we get when she sees you but you are not holding her..haha.

poor hanna looks scared to death....haha.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday...

Today, like everyday, I am extremely grateful and thankful for my parents. They have always loved and supported me in all I have done and still do! Travis and I are so lucky to have them allow us to stay in their home for the past 6 months! But, as our days as one big happy family are getting to the end..we close on our house Tuesday..and are soooo excited! It's finally finished! :) we have been contemplating ways to thank my parents for letting us stay at their house, allowing Ty's toys to be everywhere...having a newborn come home to their house..and the joys of that...but, there really isn't away to say thank you enough! I know Ty is going to miss the attention he receives from
Mom-mom and grandpa everyday and Hanna will miss falling asleep in the chair with mom-mom on a nightly basis...but, I guarantee the grandparents will miss it more! Ha! But, I'm sure they'll enjoy having their house back in order and a little peace and quite..but then again, they'll miss their daily entertainment! Lol! Back ti the empty-nester category! Haha! We've had a wonderful stay at the Lankford Inn...but, Tuesday it's time to leave! We'll actually..probably Thursday once our bed and Ty's new big boy bed arrives and he has a place to sleep! :) thanks again mom and dad for allowing us to stay with y'all! We love yall! :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thankful Thursdays..

Today I am thankful and grateful for a trait that I take for granted sight. Although, I need glasses/contacts to see in a non-blurry setting....I am grateful that I can see. especially my 2 beautiful children,travis,family, friends..i can drive...see to shop, take pictures.etc, etc..the list could go on and on! Plus, although Midland is as flat as a pancake and has mounds of dirt...we have gorgeous sunrises and sunsets.Plus, we can see the stars...not as well in Midland as you can, as I did, growing up in Greenwood...but, nevertheless..we can see them! :) if you stop and realize all the things we see and the beauty of Gods creation..we are truly blessed!

and...trav and I have taken on a challenge of memorizing the book of James! wish us luck..prayers are welcome...or get out your Bible and do it with us! :)

What are you thankful/grateful for today?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2 months

Today Hanna had her two month checkup...bc of the holidays we had to schedule 2 weeks after her real 2 month birthday. Anyways, our little porker...excuse me, our little very healthy! She gained 5 lbs in a month putting her at 13 lbs 2 oz and gained 3" making her 23" long! She is just doing great! Still hates tummy time but holds her head up great..she would rather sit and stand than lay on her belly. She's going to love her bouncy chair thing since she loves to jump! Laughs everytime you help her jump. .it's pretty cute. She is wearing 3 month clothes and is on the last of size 1 diapers..size 2 here she comes! Loves to smile, laugh and she can carry on quite the conversation. She absolutely hated her she was hungry so that didn't help. you would think she's be a tough girl considering how much her big brother accidentally falls on her, squishes her..etc, etc but nope.! Ha! And, although her monstrosity of sparkly star stickers were very pretty I'm pretty sure she could care less! Haha.
Everything looked great and she's one healthy little girl!:)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thankful Thursday

To help realize the many, many blessings God has given me/you..I decided to blog about it..hence, "Thankful Thursday."

So, today I am thankful for's a little nursing triviafor you...if I remember correctly, there are 320 pairs of muscles. Probably should have googled that before sharing but..well, that takes if I'm incorrect forgive me! Lol. Anyways, you might ask why muscles? Well, without muscles you wouldn't be able to SMILE.,,since it takes 9 muscles to create a full smile!, Hanna has been all smiles...and not just at me but her toys as well. She's getting to the age where she hits her objects trying to grab them..and apparently today she found humor in it! And I loved watching her. Plus, she'll have little conversations with me with her coos! Looks like we might have another talker on the way. Ha!

Anyways, the way God made the human body is incredible and I am especially grateful for the ability to smile and therefore watch my little girl learn and spread joy through her smiles!!!:)

What were you grateful for today?

Monday, January 2, 2012


Happy New Year.....In the new year 2012 one of my goals is to truthfully, realize and be grateful for all the many blessings God has given me. And, my goal couldn't have started off church on Sunday Ty stayed with us instead of going to his class since he wasn't feeling well...and to be honest, I am glad it happened that way. It was adorable and heart warming to hear him try and sing the songs for worshiping God. I loved hearing him...and when we prayed he would get in the praying position...he wouldn't always last the whole time but we Church of Christ peeps can say some pretty lengthy prayers..haha. anyways, not only did I get to start the new year by worshiping God,but I did it with my family whom He has blessed me with! :) I love my family...they each make me smile and laugh constantly..I love Travis and his funny personality..Ty, is the sweetest little boy..quick story...tonight, like every night, he gives everyone hugs and kisses night-night...well, tonight we managed to go to his room without kissing hanna (who was in her swing), before ty climbed into bed he said, "kiss hanna, mommy." sooo...his cute little self ran into the den and kissed hanna then ran right back into his room..ahh..melt a mommies heart! love, love that little boy! :) and hanna is as sweet as they to just hold and cuddle with her and see the great big smiles she shares...can't wait to see what kind of personality she has. :) God has truly blessed me and I am extremely grateful!
here's a glimpse of some of our daily"entertainment."

Ty got a train for christmas from mom-mom and grandpa..and he loves it...rides round and round..makes a choo-choo horn motion with his arm and dances to the music!
but...he also loved Brady's gift. In fact, ty got into the car and said, "bye,mommy..I go to the house." lol...He only hears that.... daily, since we drive by our house everyday. haha. silly boy. brady wasn't too sure of ty's driving...Brady said, "I walk" lol..he didn't want to ride with ty I love them both..I laugh as I type this bc they crack me up!

Ty letting Daddy lay in his lap..

Ty chose his attire for the evening...yes, we laughed and thought.."fat guy in a little coat." Who doesn't need a sheepskin coat and a hat to sleep and of course, he wanted it "button." haha. he constantly makes us laugh. he did finally let us take the coat off but the hat stayed on all night. ha.
two greatest blessings..and to top it off they love each other so much. Ty is a great, great big brother always looking out for her ...and hanna loves when her big brother talks to her..she always stops what she is doing (crying, playing) to look at it.
on a trip to "the house" ty put his visor on backyards with the bill upwards and started acting like an no idea where that came from but it made me laugh.
sophi and hanna playing...but just a few days after this picture sophi started crawling...go sophi of the few times Hanna liked tummy time...thanks Sophi for entertaining her! ha! :)
BIG sweet smiles...complete with the right side dimple! :) love my baby girl.