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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Snow Day...

As you all know, since the only readers are family, it SNOWED in midland. It is super cold and white covering everything....and a whole lot of ICE. But, it is absolutely Beautiful. The good thing about living in Midland is it allows you to appreciate God's beauty of scenery more since we definitely don't have the most beautiful land here...haha. Monday, schools were cancelled so Mom-mom got to stay home and play all day...which was fun! Ty somehow knows exactly what to do on a snowday and insisted on getting in our bed and watching tv...mickey and little Einsteins. I am not an advocate of watching much tv but it is so cute how ty has learned to sing along...he's pretty good at it. SO, since it was a snow day he was allowed to watch tv in bed during the, it allowed me to get an un-interrupted shower and get ready un-interrupted...which was glorious.haha.
Ty had his first snow when he was 11 months..Hanna got her first snow at 5 weeks. Ty at 11 months or 22 months..isn't a huge fan...doesn't like the cold...guess he takes after his mommy on that one...haha.

our house covered in it's first snow..haha. exterior is just to finish the interior.!
the snow makes our flat land so much prettier.
hanna bundled up to take ty to school today.

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