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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Santa Claus is Comin to Town...

We had our family christmas early this well as Santa's visit...since we are in an unorthodox living situation it just panned out this way this year...luckily, ty and hanna aren't old enough to really understand the whole santa thing. So, tuesday night we opened our family gifts..but poor ty only unwrapped them and then travis went and put his toys in the garage...just not enough room here to get EVERYTHING out...he'll just have to wait a few more weeks..(yay) but, trust me, he won't miss them at all...there's plenty here to play with. but, it was fun watching him unwrap and get excited...and i know he'll be just as excited in a few weeks when we can actually assemble them! he was a very neat unwrapper though...takes him forever...doesn't like to make a mess and have the paper everywhere..yes, i've created a very clean little boy..haha. nevertheless, he got them all unwrapped!

sweet hanna just watched.

They also opened their gifts from Gamy and Granddaddy. Ty's has recently gotten to know "woo-dy and buzz." from Toy Story and so he loves his, it goes with his Bullseye horse he received from the Devine's! :) he also got a grill to cook with daddy at the new house but, until then it remains in the garage..haha. But, actually, the toy he plays with the most is the kitchen for hanna...haha. it sings and lights up which allows ty to dance...his favorite..haha.
The kids were all nestled all snug in their beds...

Hoping St.Nick would find them the next day...
Ty got his "choo-choo's" he asked for..

but was a little more amused with his suckers and candy from his stocking...haha.
Who doesn't need a sucker at 8:00am?
Hanna with her Santa gifts...although, ty enjoyed her Olivia books as well..yes, we all love Olivia..:)
more "candy." he was so excited. haha.

Travis and I loved being Santa this year...even though we were probably a little more excited about the gifts than ty and obviously hanna... it was a lot of fun. We were so excited we couldn't fall asleep...for just a few minutes..haha. Travis set his alarm for 7 so he could get up and dressed in time to watch ty wake up to santa...but, ty didn't wake up until 8..haha. We were all just sitting around waiting...but, i know that'll change once he figures this whole thing out..haha. His daddy would puke in his excitement for santa...i could see ty following those footsteps..haha.
Anyways, tomorrow meme,cousin brady, sophi and aunt casey are coming in for, it'll be a zoo... but a fun one...never a dull moment! I love my family! :)

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