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Monday, December 5, 2011


In case you wonder what we do all the words of Ty, "hereyago."
Ty helps me put on "make-up" and enjoys finding "mommy's b-acelets" and "neck-laces." Travis hates this part of the day considering Ty usually also has to put on makeup, put product in his hair and wear mommy's jewelry. haha.

Since we are in the Christmas season we have been..wrapping gifts. Ty loves to unwrap the roll and make "do-do da-do's" like uncle daniel taught him. haha.
and..decorating mom-mom and grandpa's house...we were allowed to put ornaments on the tree..and if you only knew my mom and her christmas know this is a big deal. hanna was a great supervisor while ty actually "helped" put some on the tree. here he is taking a break...we only put on 300 ornaments..and no, i am not exaggerating. ha.

Ty and Hanna both unfortunately attended their first funeral...the world lost a great person..way too soon at 27 years old. He was a great family friend whom I grew up with, seeing how he was only a month and a half older. Since i was not going to miss the service, in lubbock, and neither was my mom and sister...the kids came with me. but, they acted great. Aunt casey took ty out for just a bit at the end but other than that they acted great. It was a day of celebrating his life but nevertheless it was incredibly sad, and still is as I type. Very hard to believe. Lots of memories flood my brain. he leaves behind a mother,6 siblings, a daughter and lots of friends who are all in my thoughts and prayers...especially during the holiday season.
Although it was rainy the day we traveled to lubbock Ty still needed his sunglasses while he read his book. haha. silly boy. Having he and hanna with me at the funeral 1) made me again realize the many blessings God has given me and 2) made me smile and 3) remember how precious life really is.
After the service we traveled to abilene to see cousin brady and sophi. Although Brady has a trundle for Ty to sleep on...when I went to check on them I found them both in brady's bed. haha. sweet cousins who love each other very much and have a great time together.

Speaking of family...I have the best family ever..not only my immediate family but family I have gained marrying Travis. I love how close we all are and would do anything for each other. I love how my sister trusts me with her kids and vice me that is the greatest compliment. I love how no matter who has a dirty diaper, needs to have a bath, put to sleep,fed etc.etc. anybody in the family jumps on it..regardless whose birth child it is. I love my family and Thank God daily for each and everyone. does Ty. there isn't a night that goes by that ty's prayers don't include everybody in the family...even "nim-us" (trey) gets prayed for. lol.
anyways, thats what has been going on here lately.

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