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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Houston Trip.

The Roby Family...

This past friday we flew to houston to celebrate Travis' grandparents 60 wedding anniversary. It is such a rare event these days which made it an even more specia

l occasion. We were so glad that we all got to go! Hanna and Ty both did great on the airplane. It was so great getting to see Travis' whole family...of course, like alw
ays, it flew by,but it was so great seeing and catching up..just wish we could do it more often. Ty and McCain entertained while Ella and Hanna slept and looked pretty. haha. A photographer came to take pictures of the occasion so that made my picture taking very slim..but i did get a few!
Good thing nobody needed that chair...ha.

Ty the pro-flyer. While at the Midland airport he met and played with a girl a few months younger to pass our 2 hour delay by.
Hanna needed a clothing change in mid flight since she had a huge blow-out...that was fun. ha.

new outfit

Sweet cousin hugs.

constantly on the go...

sweet Ella.

cheese, by the cheeseball.

hanna with gigi and great-granddaddy.
Ty playing catch with Ella.
tent time...
peek a boo..McCain.

Sunday, Travis, his dad, ashley and brian all went to the Texans football game so me,amy and the kiddos went to visit Santa. Ty loved being in Bass Pro but not seeing Santa..haha.

gigi and great-granddaddy came over to play some more.
ty got to open his christmas gift from aunt "ashy" and uncle "bian."
and...Ty got to open his christmas gift from the Devine's. Ty is into woody and buzz right now so, bullseye was perfect. In fact, he had to stay with him at all times on the flight. ha.
Before we left on monday we got to stop by Josh and Jenn's house to see their beautiful new home and visit one last time. Here are the two cousins with their sweet little girls.
It was a great weekend and enjoyed seeing everyone.
sorry, so short and to the point...time to feed hanna.haha.

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