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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Time...

What a fun-filled Christmas we had this year. celebrating the season with 4 kids under the age of 2 1/2 was...a zoo at times..haha...but absolutely wonderful. With Travis and I still at my parents it made a FULL house when my sister and her family came as well as Meme..but, what fun! :)
Plus, it snowed in midland on christmas eve...we got about 4 inches...which made a beautiful scenery. We didn't get out and play in it this year...but, i have a feeling in years to come if we are still lucky enough to see snow we'll have a snowman in our yard! :) The boys did however get their first taste of hot chocolate and marshmallows...which of course was a hit! ha. In fact, I think at times they would want to go outside just to come inside and warm up with a hot cup of hot chocolate..haha.

Hanna enjoying christmas eve looking at the snow...

brady and sophia checking it out too..

a little pinterest fun with our model, sophi.
christmas eve pj's.
We always open presents on christmas eve...we got lots of gifts and are extremely blessed! what a great family i have.
Merry Christmas 2011.
This picture was taken at the end of the day, after supper...which you can see on ty's face. ha.

Christmas Day we woke up to santa..then went to church...and yes, we all made it on time...haha! we had another delicious meal...thanks mom, and were able to lounge around all day afterwards.

mom-mom and grandpa with their grand-angels.

The best photo i got...they weren't wanting to participate..haha.
We had a fantastic time being all together. Monday mom's side of the family came over and wow..have we grown...lets see...i think 30 of us with 7 kids under the age of! but,it's so great seeing everyone. :)
Today is wednesday and Casey and her family just, it's quite now...(ty and hanna are both sleeping)...Travis has been just working a few hours and this afternoon is playing golf with his favorite dad..haha! So, it's been a nice relaxing last few days...and we still have the rest of the week. Tomorrow we are going to lubbock with mom while she gets her permanent eye makeup done...and we can look at furniture...yay! lubbock has a few more places to look than midland does...which means...we are getting close for our house to be finished..yay! just a few more weeks! Although we have enjoyed our temporary housing..i know both parties will enjoy their own space!
Hope everyone had a very merry christmas and a happy new year!

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